At work, the desk is the place to deal with work. Many companies use desks with screens. A small screen can separate several employees, but at the same time they are in the same area.

The reason for this is that desks with screens/office panels  have three incomparable advantages,  compared to traditional desks,

  1. It Is More suitable for modern office environment


First of all, from the perspective of the company’s corporate environment, the first point is to be beautiful and generous, and the office environment needs to be clean and unified to make the company full of vitality. The second is corporate culture. The color of the screen can be customized according to the corporate brand VI, and the company’s corporate brand culture can be brought out through the office environment. For example, some cosmetics companies use mostly light green screens. On the one hand, it is required by the company’s brand, and on the other hand, green screens have the effect of relieving eye fatigue. These advantages are unmatched by traditional desks. .

Finally, the office environment directly affects the work efficiency of office personnel. How to start work simply and quickly, improve work efficiency, and create more value for work? This is also the reason why many screens choose a simple and fashionable appearance. A neat office environment, a unified corporate culture, and a good office environment often determine work efficiency.

  1. Privacy and functionality of personal space


What worries you the most at work? Unable to enter the working state, resulting in the inability to complete the work task in hand. Especially during high-intensity work, I managed to concentrate and enter the working state, but I was affected by the surrounding movement, which led to the work halfway through and directly interrupted the train of thought, such as writing copywriting, doing design, and writing and writing. I don’t know what to write. The role of the screen is to effectively reduce the interference of the outside world, so that you can calm down and think about your work.


And there are many styles of screen desks, and the cabinets that match the table are also divided into two types: movable cabinets and fixed cabinets, which can be customized by office furniture to add individuality, so that a lot of things can be placed in the cabinet, one can be It is used to hold office materials, and the other one can be used to hold your own daily necessities, which has better privacy for both personal and work.

  1. Product flexibility and combination


Most of the traditional desk types are one person per desk, which is not conducive to office work between colleagues. From the perspective of personal efficiency, it is more beneficial. But from the team point of view, the emphasis is on collaboration. Sometimes, colleagues need to contact, communicate, and discuss, so the screen workstation can be customized according to the needs of the team. Two-person, four-person, or even multiple people position to meet the needs of different teams.

For the team, how to allocate fixed office staff and mobile office staff, functional team and project team is also a headache in the company. What kind of desk placement is suitable for what kind of team? How does the team solve work problems in an open office environment? How to deal more easily with the dispersion, reorganization and addition of team members?


It gives an opportunity to display the screen desk, whether it is a single person or a multi-person, you can combine the screen into an L-shaped work position or an H-shaped work position according to the number of team members and the style you like. Different office modes, rich in combinations, can not only reflect the individuality of the team, but also solve the problems of member mobility and collaboration between teams.

It is these advantages that make screen workstations the first choice for more and more companies.

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