We all know that sitting for a long time is very harmful to the human body。 Because it will cause poor blood circulation, heart disease, cervical and lumbar pain. The invention of the electric lift table solves this problem very well. You don’t need to sit at the desk for a long time. And you can stand whenever you want to promote the blood circulation of the legs and the whole body.

The electric lift table is a healthy companion for people who are sitting at the desk for a long time. It is a health gospel for working people who are deeply troubled by cervical pain, shoulder pain and other diseases. Lifting tables are increasingly popular in the government, enterprises, schools and other institutions.


The users of the electric height adjustable desks should pay attention to the following matters when enjoying the relaxed, healthy and free environment brought by the lifting desk:


First, when using a lift desk to work, it is not advisable to stand for a long time

Otherwise the problem of sitting will disappear, but the problem of standing will appear. You need to alternate between sitting and standing, sitting for an hour and standing for 20 minutes.


Second, when standing, do not stand still

Your legs can move in a small range to promote blood circulation in the legs.


Third, when standing to work, the height of the lift table is preferably the position where the arms can be placed vertically on the desktop, and should not be too high or too low.

Electric lift table – the benefits of using a lift table for standing office

  1. When standing, it can promote the blood circulation of the whole body to be more smooth, so that the whole body can get more oxygen and energy, and the energy is more abundant. When standing, you can concentrate your energy better .


  1. When standing, open the meridians of the whole body, and the energy of the whole body flows naturally, making the body healthier, making oneself more awake, and thinking more clearly.


  1. When standing, the spine is straight.   And you will maintain a good body shape, keep a good figure, and also prevent myopia, allowing you to have more time to rest. , are numb, and do not know that it is time for you to rest. When you are tired from standing, you will feel yourself and tell yourself that it is time to rest, which will also improve your efficiency.


Electric height adjustable desks have been more and more popular in many enterprises and governments. The probability of use of electric lift tables is getting higher and higher. And this reduces a lot of diseases. However, I would like to remind everyone. Don’t just stand. You may stand and sit alternatively.  Also, don’t worry about quality issues, the technology is now perfect, as long as you buy it in a regular place, you will have a good after-sales guarantee.


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