The main reasons for poor office lighting are:

1. The design of the office building itself is unscientific, resulting in insufficient lighting in some offices. Some offices only have sunshine in the morning, and in the afternoon, the sunlight is blocked by other buildings, and the offices will be very dark;

2. Improper selection of office lights.

3. Improper selection of decorative items.

For offices, office lighting is very important. Comfortable lighting makes people feel  relaxed and can focus on work better. The closer the light is to nature, the easier it is to mobilize people’s energy, so that people’is productivity is higher.

The content of this topic is mainly to give some suggestions on how to improve poor office lighting:

1. The design of the office building itself is difficult to change.

The solution to this problem is not to choose. When choosing an office, turn off interior lights and check the radiation range of natural light sources. If it’s too dark, don’t choose.

2. If the office has been selected, then in the case of insufficient natural light source, it can only be assisted by artificial light.

How to choose lights? Artificial fill light to simulate natural light as much as possible. Due to the high brightness, low price and energy saving of fluorescent lamps, most office buildings use fluorescent lamps for lighting, but fluorescent lamps will flicker when invisible to the naked eye, which may easily cause chronic vision damage. Therefore, use multiple fluorescent lamps at the same time to reduce the damage to the eyes. . In addition, the color of fluorescent lamps is relatively cold, and a small table lamp can be placed on the desktop, which can not only make up for the dead angle of fluorescent lighting, but also increase the visual warmth effect.

How to choose office furniture when lighting is insufficient? The following principles should be followed:

1. In order to avoid office furniture, especially desks blocking the office lights, try not to use too high screens in the office.

If the nature of the work must be used, then you can try to arrange such desks in the corner of the office. At the same time, departments with high office population density should choose a location close to the window; otherwise, functional rooms with fewer people such as conference rooms can be placed in places without windows.

2. Avoid office furniture from affecting the brightness of the office. If the office is dark, do not use dull tones. In harmony with the environment, the use of light-colored office furniture will be brighter than dark-colored office furniture, and it can also play a better role in adjusting the light.

3. The seat of the desk should not be near the window. Many offices have floor-to-ceiling windows, which make the office look more spacious and bright, and can well mobilize the emotions of employees. But if you turn your back to the window, you will not feel so happy, because the strong light behind is not only bad for viewing the computer desktop, but also harmful to the eyes in the long run.

4. The common method to solve the lighting problem is to use the glass partition wall as the partition wall, so that it can achieve the effect of separation without blocking the light. If you feel that privacy is not strong enough, you can use frosted glass or add blinds.

Generally speaking, before the office decoration, we must consider various factors, especially the lighting of the office, which is not only a problem that can be solved by a lamp. Therefore, before designing, be sure to understand the layout of the office in detail to avoid mistakes.

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