If you sit in a chair for about ten hours a day, just like me, then you probably will need a comfortable office chair.


To choose a good ergonomic chair, we need to think about a lot of basic parts of a chair: head support, lumbar support, the front and rear adjustment of the seat cushion, the armrest, the elasticity

Of seat cushion etc.


The crucial parts of an ergonomic chair (office chair) is the backrest, the headrest and seat cushion. These parts will provide reasonable support and reduce pressure for our cervical spine, scapula, lumbar spine and buttocks. Let’s have a look at these parts one by one.


 1. Backrest


The core of the ergonomic chair is to adjust the angle of the backrest and adjust the support of the lumbar pillow so that it can be best support the back shoulder and your spine. A good ergonomic chair (office chair) is like a pair of hands supporting you behind you. The better the fit, the more relaxed and comfortable it is。

2. Headrest


A good headrest can support your neck effectively. It is recommended to choose a headrest with rich adjustment, which can provide more effective and precise support for the cervical spine


3. Seat cushion


A few tips about seat cushion:

  1. Be sure to choose a seat with a certain inclination angle, so that the center of gravity of the person will naturally fall back and keep the lumbar spine get support from the back.
  2. It is best to have the function of adjusting the depth of the front and rear seats, which can meet the needs of people of different heights, because the length of each person’s thighs is not the same.
  3. The mainstream materials are sponge and mesh.


4. Armrest


Height adjustment is a must. Because the standard height of an office desk is 74-76cm(29.5”), it needs to be able to be adjusted to be on the same level with the table top, which can reduce the pressure on the shoulders


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