In 2022, people have gradually restarted their lives after the epidemic, and in terms of office furniture design, interior design will focus on how to increase the space and comfort of work, bring the natural world back into the room, and adopt more environmentally friendly decoration methods.


The following are some important trends.


1. People tend to pay more attention to the decorative effect of lighting on the office environment.

A global Google search found a 344% increase in searches for 1970s lighting, a 27% increase in searches for sculpture or decorative lighting, and a 25% increase in searches for retro lighting in light of overall interior design. The emphasis on lighting is also reflected in the design of the office environment. Many clients will increase their budget for lighting.

2. People prefer to use natural tones for their offices.

During the epidemic, people are trapped indoors, so more and more people hope to have more extracurricular and havve close connection to nature. . Global Google searches have seen an 80% increase in searches for green interior inspiration this year, as we use a lot of nature-inspired shades of green.In office design, relaxing greens and natural tones, such as neutral earth tones, are heavily used.


3. sustainable development

2022 will see further emphasis on sustainable materials, and the reuse of furniture and furnishing items.With the public’s growing knowledge on climate change, the idea of ​​sustainability has been incorporated into the interior industry. Concise, environmentally friendly, and reducing  meaningless excessive decoration, these concepts are being accepted by more customers.


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