Office partitions/office panels can effectively organize and divide the office space. Also they can  increase the privacy and functionality of employee cubicals. Consequently nowadays they are very popular in modern office environments.


Usually there are  two categories of office partitions.  The first category is the glass high wall  partition that can be built all the way to the ceiling. And the second category is the ordinary office partitions/office panels for staff area. Usually the height vary from 48” to 66” or higher.


1. Glass high wall partition


The areas of manager offices, or financial rooms and meeting rooms, can use glass high wall partitions. It not only ensurse lighting, but also have good sound insulation.

Glass partitions are more expensive and usually require a building permit because their height usally are to the ceiling.

2. Ordinary office partition/panels in staff area.

In the open office area of ​​employees, people use office partitions a lot to organize space. Customizing office panels is very convenient, changing size, color and material according to actual needs.
The office partitions/office panels can be easily customized. For example, we can use white oak and other color particle boards to match with glass in order to better divide different work areas, and to boost corporate images.

Besides,the offce partition system can integrate the wiring systems. For example, in the corner of the desk,  we can add multiple wiring holes and sockets. Also the wire canals and baseboards under the table can hide all the wires, or they can be placed in different distribution channels according to different wire types. In addition, the screen can also integrate with uniquely designed desktop accessories or hang cabinets of different heights, etc., hence increase dramatically the strorage space.

Weiss Office Furniture has a strong space design ability and the ability to customize different office partitions flexibly according to different needs. Different size. Difference color. Different material. In fact, you can find all you need in our store. Visit our website, or our youtube channel

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