For the most office workers, almost one-third of the day is spent in the office, we get close in touch with office furniture, computer desk, office chairs and other things, especially the most time we need to star at the computer so its the important if you have a good computer desk, today Weiss office furniture manufacturer will introduce how to select office computer desk, lets read some tips together with below.

1.The materials of office computer desk must be Eco friendly

Believe us you won’t to be unwanted smell when you worked , for office workers, most of the time is spent in the office area, so in the selection and use of products, must pay attention to the environmental quality of materials, so as not to cause physical and mental harm.

At the time of purchase, the seller can be required to appear the relevant quality test report to ensure that the office furniture purchased is healthy and environmentally friendly.

2. You need to pay attention to the whole office computer desk whatever for quality and material  

When buying a computer desk, pay attention to the planking, no blistering, peeling, uniform color, ballast less edge joint, plastic soft edge sticking without rolling, drawer, keyboard tray push and pull smoothly, the whole computer desk is stable. Computer Desk bought home, should be placed in a well-ventilated, the sun can not reach the place. The computer desk is made of medium density board with plastic soft edge wrapped on all sides and fixed by screw assembly.

Medium density board with weight moderate, fire, moisture, acid and alkali resistance, anti-static, cheap features, very suitable for the production of computer desk. And some so-called high-end computer desk, by pure wood production, the price is expensive, shrewd consumer presumably won’t pay this unnecessary money. Computer table surface of the paint is divided into smooth (smooth) and matte (pockmarked) two. Hemp topcoat feels good, do not slip, do not reflect light, wipe with a wet cloth after no water stains, but the price should be expensive 5-6 dollars.

3.Practicality can not be judged simply by the number of drawers and shelves.

In general, computer desks are very simple in structure and low in price. The top is a drawer and a keyboard tray, the bottom is only two partitions, is arranged like this: the left side of the desktop for the horizontal chassis and display, the right side of the space can be temporary placement of manuscripts, usually can also be used as a desk. In the small drawer puts the instruction manual, the start disk, the diskette, the commonly used optical disk and so on, takes as you like.

Below two clapboards on the left, right corner each put a speaker, does not occupy the desktop. The biggest advantage of this style is the horizontal, vertical chassis are suitable, legs stretch space, you can sit side by side, together skills, together to play games; And the keyboard tray can be flexibly arranged on the left or right side according to the need, which is suitable for family use. If you like the “one-head” design is also fine, but purchase should be noted, the person sitting on the left side of the computer desk, the right side to leave room for the mouse pad.

4.You need to test the the product moisture content of the office computer desk

It is well known that the moisture content of wood products is directly related to the production area, so when purchasing, it is best to choose products with high drying technology, otherwise if the moisture content is higher than 1% of the average moisture content in the use area, it is easy to appear cracking, deformation, cracking, warping and so on.

5.You need to consider thecolor and aesthetics of office computer desk

The computer occupies the important position of the Life Day by day, the computer desk also correspondingly becomes an important office furniture in the life. Therefore, when buying, in addition to considering the structure, quality, but also pay attention to materials and the family can be coordinated with the whole style. The new generation of toughened glass desktops, now on the market, are available in a variety of colors. It is recommended to choose the toughened glass computer desk with advanced technology, beautiful appearance and strong practicability, which is easy to coordinate with the environment and comfortable to the eye.

Finally you need to consider from all aspects, whatever for material , price ,durable quality , style and others, if you don’t know how do choose a better one , you can visit our website to choose,  generally speaking , our Weiss office furniture have the complete production line for office furniture and we have more than 20 years factory experience, we are strict follow all kinds of standards, especially we passed many tests of office furniture area, whatever for office computer desk, office chairs, office sofa and office cabinet , we always give you better choice.

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