IKEA office furniture is a relatively well-known brand in the furniture market. Many people will choose to buy this brand when they decorate their homes. However, people have different opinions on this brand. Indeed, each brand has its advantages and disadvantages, in order to do better our Weiss office furniture also bought a lot of IKEA brand office furniture carried out a number of evaluation and comparison, today,  we will lead you to see the advantages and disadvantages of this brand.

Here are some advantages of IKEA’s office furniture

1: Most office furniture are cheap.

In the European market, IKEA is primarily a student or low-income home. But relative to the domestic wage level, it should be above the middle. If you really like IKEA’s pie, you might as well go to another pie owned by IKEA in the UK: Habitat. It’s a store that specializes in high-end furniture.

2: Simple design be loved by young people

Because it is from northern Europe, so the overall style is simple and smooth. It’s good for young people.

3: Most goods are packed in flat pack for easy transportation.

But this is also a relatively foreign private car more of the case. Since most of the IKEA stores abroad are in the suburbs, the stores are cheap to rent and the furniture stores need more space. But for foreign buyers, this is no inconvenience.

4: Ikea office furniture things are generally human, practical, and warm.

In particular, the IKEA wardrobe special loading, a cabinet top domestic profiteers of the two cabinets utilization.

5: Sofaare better choice always in Ikea

The sofa frames are cost effective, cheap, sturdy and environmentally friendly. But the slipcovers are too expensive.

Here are some disadvantages , pls read the below :

1: Its not friendly ship for  some countries

Whether it is the mode of transport or the price, this point does not need to say.

2: Some products are not as well as others.

IKEA furniture has a great couch and mattress. Because the main parts are said to come from Germany. IKEA also has relative control over the quality of its products when purchasing. Because the purchase price is relatively low, so in the product material requirements are not very strict.

Part of the furniture using particleboard or other materials, appear not strong, not durable.

3: The design is too simple

Now with the development of society, people tend to diversify the office furniture design, to adapt to different office environment, and IKEA office furniture as a whole is a bit too simple, it is difficult to meet the changing office scene.

4: Some chairs are not stable

Actually we bought some chairs from Ikea furniture before , we tested many times , the quality is totally different , especially some cheaper chairs are not stable , when you sit you will feel not good

Through the evaluation of some IKEA office furniture, Our Weiss office furniture from the design style and material selection are more remote, our quality is also guaranteed, more about office furniture consultation, welcome to follow us : https://www.iweiss.ca

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