The adjustable desk is actually a kind of office equipment which evolved from the lifting desk in our life. Compared with the traditional desk, the elevating desk is suitable for a wide range of people and can be used by different proportions of office staff. From the health consideration, for the company’s employees 8 hours a day, sitting for a long time, make the spine, cervical spine and so on become bended fragile. Obesity and diabetes are also common. If the use of  adjustable desk, then the office is relatively liberalized, not only to reduce the burden of office workers, but also can be conducive to health. Then our Weiss office furniture for everyone to introduce how to choose the adjustable desk.

1.Check out the motor of adjustable desk

Since the height of the adjustable desk is controlled by the rotation of the motor, so the quality of the lifting desk motor directly affects the use of the lifting desk feeling, then we need to check its lifting when shopping, whether there is noise in the process, even if the two-motor lifting desk, in the course of operation should not be issued abnormal sound, once there is a quality problem.

There is also the distinction between single motor and double motor, single motor is cheaper than double motor, but the relative stability of double motor is better, load greater, functional will be more.

2.Check the steel frameof adjustable

For adjustable desk legs steel frame to be solid and stable, and the most basic way to identify its legs raw materials is to check its weight, because adjustable desk if the real material, then its use is 2.5 mm cold-rolled steel, general an ordinary lifting desk its weight is about 30kg, so in order to determine the purchase of lifting desk its quality, there is no jerry-built phenomenon, its weight is very important.

3.Pay attention to deskboardof adjustable desk

Desk is the most selective place, if you are picky about the desktop, I suggest that you can directly buy a set of electrical steel frame, many businesses will have to split up and sell, choose good steel frame, you can customize your own desktop, or some businesses also provide custom services, you can tell the business requirements, to see if it can be customized.If the desktop is not too high requirements, you can choose a good size to buy it.

The shape of office adjustable desk is also differentiated, as far as the common table shape is concerned, the table with right angle wrap and round corner wrap, the individual than the recommended round corner table, aesthetic degree will also be much higher than right angle table, and avoid any bumps and bruises.

4.Put a glass of water to test the stability of adjustable desk

A good adjustable desk is very smooth and stable when lifting, so we can put a glass of water on the lifting desk when adjust, if there is no leakage, so this is a good lifting desk, and a good lifting desk can be customized in the elastic range of their favorite desktop, it is very human, to meet the staff some small psychological needs.

5.You need to care more about eco-friendlyfeatures of adjustable desk

In terms of environmental protection, it is right to choose an environment-friendly grade. Of course, we also need to know how much environmental protection grade there is at this stage. Most of the domestic furniture environmental protection standards have reached the E1 level, at this point to see the specific table plate detection value, compared to choose a bit better, of course, not very care can ignore the difference.

This year our Weiss office furniture also introduced a lot of adjustable desks, there are manual and electric, including single and double motor, not only design novel, but also can adapt to different office environment, if you’re interested, feel free to contact us:


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