Office desks combined with office partition/panels have many advantages. And this type of office layout is welcomed by more and more companies. It use a very effective way to organize the office space. Using dividing office partitions, the staffs can have certain privacy while at the same time can collaborate well with colleagues. Also using the office partitions there are various ways to organize the seats. The following are some popular ways to organize your office partitions.

  1. Organize all the office desks in one line and looking at the same direction


This type of partition layout can save a lot of space, because one side of the desks could be arranged to against the wall. Also it is a cost effective way to arrange the desks because it only need one partition between two desks. So people use this layout a lot. For the desk shape, you can choose straight office desks as well as L shape office desks.

2. Arrange the desks two by two and face to face

To group the seat together using this way will make the office look very neat. Also, it is quite convenient for the colleagues to communicate with each other . This way needs relatively  more office space.


3. 4 people as one group, using a cross shape partitions to divide the space

There are some other way of organizing the office partitions. But the above 3 ways are the most basic.

The office desks and office partitions combination could be very  diversified, and the centralized office can be flexibly organized according to the different departments.   This office division can guarantee certain privacy for staffs, and the environment is relatively comfortable. Last but not least , it can make full use of office space. That is why a lot of companies choose to use it.

In a modern office, office partitions can also combine the wiring system perfectly using its race way system.

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