Height adjustable desks are becoming very popular these days and they are indeed  very useful office furniture! People can work both sitting and standing by a height adjustable desk.And hence you can relieve the discomfort of the lumbar and cervical vertebrae caused by work.  Using a height adjustable desk can ensure a much healthier working style.


Standing for a while after sitting for a long time will reduce the pressure on blood vessels, make more oxygenated blood supply to the brain, make the brain more awake and comfortable, and reduce the pressure on the shoulders, neck and waist. In this way it can dramatically improve the efficiency of work and study ; Also, alternate sitting and standing with a height adjustable desk can also promote more calorie consumption.

(The recommended cycle is to sit for  40 minutes, and then stand for 20 minutes. And keep this cycle)

There are basically 3 types of height adjustable desks, they are: electrical height adjustable desk, crank height adjustable desk and simple desktop height adjustable desk. You can choose the type according to the budget and style you want.

  1. Electrical height adjustable desk

Electrical height adjustable desk usually is very easy to maneuver. It has digital display handset – usually 4 memory preset options. Sturdy telescopic height adjustment  are very quiet when you adjust

the height. It can be equipped by one motor, two motors or 3 motors (for L shape height adjustable desks).

Electrical type is the most expensive of the 3 types. But surely it is a worthwhile investment if you want to protect your back and keep healthy when working for long hours.

2. Crank height adjustable desk

Using a crank height adjustable desk, you can change from sitting to standing at the turn of a handle. Also it is very quiet. And the handle is usually removable to save space when you don’t need to use it.

If you want a standing desk but don’t want to pay a lot. A crank height adjustable desk could be a good option.

3. Simple desktop adjustable desk

The simple desktop adjustable desk is the simplest one of the 3 type. And the price is lowest. Pay about $90-150 and you can have one. It usually doesn’t need assembly. Just pull standing desk out of the box and put it on your desk and it is ready for use. The cons may be the desktop is limited size. and you can’t put a very large computer screen on it.


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