Office chairs are an indispensable part of office furniture. There are a wide variety of office chairs at different prices on the market。For example, for some simple office chairs you only need about $100, but high end ergonomic chairs may cost you from $400 to $1,000. Therefore, when purchasing office chairs, it is crucial to determine the budget according to your actual needs. According to different prices, basically we can divide the office chairs in the market  into the following categories:

  1. Simple office chairs. Price range: $100-$200

Within this price range, you can buy simple office chairs to meet your basic office requirements. Usually they will have height adjustable function, with or without headrest. Although the price is not high, if you choose cautiously by sitting and trying them, you can still find some pretty nice sturdy chairs. The seats are usually high-density sponge cushion.

(The above is Sanford office chair sold by Weiss Office Furniture. it can be rocked back and forth. And it has adjustable arm rests. Price: $199)

2. Ergonomic chairs. Price range: $300-$1000 or above

Within this price range, there are quite a bunch of chairs to choose. There are so many functions and specifications: Adjustable 3-Dimensional arm rests and headrests, all mesh seats, 3-Dimensional adjustable lumbar support, aluminum alloy base..Different brand, different material can make a great difference in pricing.

When choosing a good ergonomic chair, again we  suggest that it is important to try sitting on it. The curve of the chair back and seat need to be adjusted to better fit the back of the human body and provide better comfort. And before you try on the chair, it is hard to determine whether it is suitable for your use.

(The above is Arlo Ergonomic office chair sold by Weiss Office Furniture. Price: $439)


3. High end executive leather chairs. Price range: $350-$1000

High-end executive leather chairs usually have fine leather and beautiful shape. They are not only very comfortable but also can boost the company image. So they are usually the first choice for executive managers and professionals. The price for a good leather chair could vary from $350 to $1000 based on different materials and frames(PU, microfiber or genuine leather)


(The above is Lancaster High Back Executive chair sold by Weiss Office Furniture. Price: $569)

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