Custom Office Furniture Development Opportunities

The development of furniture industry is in the stage of industrial optimization. Customized furniture is  for consumers with the help of modern information technology and flexible production technology. It has the characteristics of stable quality, strong environmental protection and high space utilization; information system and personalized production are important moats for customized furniture. ,

The office furniture market is facing consolidation

Office furniture has high requirements on the production and management strength of enterprises, and its specialization and only big brands can support after-sales services. From the perspective of the development of the office furniture industry, a handful of brands support the development of the entire industry. In the case of small and medium-sized brands falling behind, the integration of the office furniture market is inevitable. The reform and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the establishment of their own brands have become the necessary conditions for their continued survival.

Differentiation is the future direction

Due to the variety and styles of office furniture products, it is difficult for patents to be truly protected. Every year, numerous international and domestic furniture fairs have become a paradise for imitation within the industry. The new products developed by enterprises with huge investment are often easily imitated and produced by other enterprises. Whether the value of research and development of new products is still worthwhile, the homogeneity of market products makes many enterprises worried. Office furniture of the same color, style, material and price is often difficult to choose. Differentiated production and operation will be an inevitable trend in the future development of the office furniture industry.

Green office furniture will become mainstream

In developed markets, the penetration rate of green office furniture is almost 100%, and Japan and South Korea are also nearly half. Green office furniture will be the primary indicator of future office furniture.

New changes in the concept of office furniture consumption

European classical, Nordic simplicity, solid wood, panel, glass and metal office furniture greatly enrich the choice of consumers, and the changes in fashion have subtly changed the psychology of consumers. The cultural content of office furniture is gradually increasing, and the consumption cycle of office furniture is quietly shortening.

The office furniture business presents multiple coexistence

Office furniture has entered the furniture city, furniture square, and specialized exhibition halls. At the same time, office furniture dealers have also experienced the transformation from the role of small stall owners to brand promoters. Office furniture manufacturers have carried out image management one after another to build a stage to display their products and brand images. Product promotion has been transformed into brand promotion. Experience spaces, brand stores, brand store-in-shops, and office furniture franchise markets have their own characteristics, and each is looking for the best marketing method.

Customized and personalized service of office furniture

From the perspective of product positioning, office furniture generally has four development stages: popularization, differentiation, customization and personalization. The development of office furniture products is a development process from customization to industrialization. Its development experience is from asking a small carpenter to come to customize it, to buying it in the franchise market, because the houses that people live in are more standardized and specialized. The rapid changes in office furniture products in recent years reflect the singleness of after-sales service of office furniture. The change of supply and demand in the office furniture market requires enterprises to change rapidly in service technology.

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