Satisfying the user’s comfort requirements is not just a matter of light quality. Talent is increasingly important, and businesses are looking for ways to attract a new generation of talent in the river. Younger generations of employees are strongly environmentally conscious, and they like brands that support environmental sustainability. Leading lighting product manufacturers recognized this and started working on developing new products. Therefore, creating healthier office furniture has become a new development trend in the industry.

Sound and light lighting is one of the innovative products. With the popularity of open-plan office furniture, the need to reduce noise levels and protect privacy has also increased. The Enlightenment Lighting is a single-office that can further reduce noise levels while providing the best Zhaomin, ideal for open office environments. Because in open-plan office furniture, the perception of sound has a negative impact on work efficiency. Recently, a leading architectural lighting manufacturer has taken this concept further by introducing integrated lighting and ceiling systems.

The flexible system provides the best level of care and solves the problem of sound reverberation. The use of ceiling planes at the same time simplifies the process of uniform specification, procurement and installation with a cohesive aesthetic force. These systems typically come in a variety of color options and form factors. Among them, the most common are linear baffles, cloud structures and tiling systems. Choose an integrated progression lighting and ceiling system that allows designees to obtain the desired aesthetics, lighting, and progression comfort within predetermined restricted areas. In addition, lamps and baffle systems usually use PET material, and a considerable proportion of this eco-friendly material is made from recycled plastic bottles.

In addition to new solutions, office furniture designers should have a thorough understanding of the industry’s leading organizations and standards that promote a sustainable environment for human health and well-being. Entering the next 10 years, the lighting system will play a greater role in the design of office furniture. Topics such as light quality, sustainability, human comfort and well-being will be top of mind for lighting designers. Strict adherence to building standards is also the way to deliver high design quality services. Both planners and building owners should strive to understand advanced lighting technology and innovative lighting products, because they will become an important element in the design of future building office furniture, attracting more business users and employees.

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