In recent years, many companies have often opted for a home office, also known as working from home. Newly established small businesses are mostly working from home. Instead of making the office cost prohibitive, they managed to straighten things out and conduct business in a home environment. Especially when you are doing business online, if you have an internet sales page, working from home will give you some benefits. While this situation has some drawbacks, you can overcome them by setting and managing your time properly.


When you work on your own terms, you shouldn’t ignore the schedules of people on your team or the expectations of your clients. Your users may wish to contact you after placing an order or purchase. You need to track sales throughout the day. Therefore, negative environmental factors should be avoided when determining working hours under flexible conditions.

You can change the working environment to your liking: because you are working in a home environment, you can turn any room into an office where you can work. Plus, you can create a cozy area by arranging it into a classic home setting.

You spend less: Working from home costs less than a standard office. Working from home is an economically attractive option, such as office rent, the cost of office equipment, the absence of spending items such as tea and coffee in the office, and lower taxes.

Less distraction: Another downside to working in an office environment is that it’s always noisy. Thanks to a home office, you can get away from the noise and distraction of the office. Often in large and crowded offices, employees get distracted. There are many distractions such as interviews with other employees, people entering and leaving the room, and phone conversations. Thanks to the home office, these problems are solved.

The time you waste on the road is up to you: you spend most of your time in traffic on the road. Especially if you live in a city like Istanbul, you will lose about 2 hours of travel per day. If you work from a home office, this wasted time is entirely yours. You can spend this time on more useful things, including yourself and your loved ones.

You are free from the stress of everyday life: When working from home, you are free from all the disadvantages of different people and circumstances, so the stress will gradually decrease.


Difficulty of organizing questions: Once everything is up to you, you can log in to discipline yourself. Not having to work at a office desk at certain times can make it difficult to create work routines because of flexible working hours. So even if you have a flexible working style, you must set a certain interval for yourself.

Poor communication within the team: If you are working from home as a work team, communication with each other must be good. When exchanging information on any topic, it is important that everyone on the team is active at the same time. You can benefit from project management tools or, depending on the size of your team, use simpler communication methods. Shared work time is important when you work as a team.

Difficulty concentrating factors: When you are not creating specific work instructions, it is inevitable that the home environment will be distracting. Many different factors, like spending time on social media, losing yourself in chores and watching TV, can prevent you from working. You should use the room as an office, and while in the room, you should just focus on your work and let go of other problems to avoid such problems.

Monotony: Having work and personal life in the same place at home can lead to your boring life. This routine can cause you to lose focus after a while. Because you’re always spending your time in one place, you’re going to have psychological problems. To avoid this problem, spending some time in a place with an internet connection (cafe, restaurant library, etc.) on certain days of the week can reduce this annoyance.


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