We  recommends three office decoration tips to you, how to reduce noise by choosing the right office furniture.

First, fabric furniture/wooden furniture


The reason why we recommend these two types of furniture, fabric furniture, has obvious sound-absorbing effect, such as curtains, sofas, chairs, carpets, etc. The sound insulation effect of curtains is the most obvious, which is one of the reasons why many offices will hang curtains , in addition to isolating light, it can also play a very important role in isolating noise.

For wooden office furniture, such as desks, coffee tables, conference tables, etc., you can choose wood fiberboard, because the fiber porosity of wooden furniture enables it to absorb noise. For example, many office door panels usually use wooden doors, except for wooden ones. The performance is also related to the inner core filler of the wooden door. The sound insulation effect of solid wood is much better than that of honeycomb paper.


Second, soundproof glass


Sound insulation glass is a kind of glass product that plays a certain role in shielding sound. It is usually a laminated glass with a double or multi-layer composite structure. The sound insulation damping glue (film) in the middle of the laminated glass plays a key role in the weakening and attenuation of sound transmission. , glass products with sound insulation function include laminated glass.

Like many companies’ exterior windows and office glass, this kind of glass is mostly used. On the one hand, it is because of the need for sound insulation. On the other hand, it is also because the glass is very firm and not easy to break. The glass plate of the screen can also use this kind of glass, which can better provide a quiet office space.


Third, the wall decoration

Studies have shown that smooth walls are often less effective than rough walls. The reason is that sound waves will be refracted during the wandering process because the walls are too rough, which can effectively reduce noise. Echoes are produced, increasing the volume of the noise.

You can choose to paste wallpaper, rubber-plastic board, mineral wool sound-absorbing board glass wool, foam plastic, asbestos wool, wood wool board, sound-absorbing material to reduce the noise intensity, try to make the wall uneven, the sound insulation effect of this method most.


I don’t know if you can get any of these methods, try them out quickly, and create an office environment where you can work with peace of mind and avoid noise torture.

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