Because the office is used for office work, try to use a simple way when designing, without cumbersome details or too many color embellishments. Secondly, when choosing office appliances, it is necessary to fully consider its applicability and comfort.


  1. In-depth understanding of enterprise type and corporate culture: First of all, it is necessary to understand the type and culture of the enterprise. Only by understanding these can the design effect be more in line with the corporate style and characteristics, and the office will be more individual and vivid.
  2. Understanding of the internal organization of the enterprise and its interconnection: It is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the internal organization of the company, so as to plan the usable area and flow of people of each department, so that the office does not need to be changed frequently in the future.
  3. Forward-looking design: As we all know, computers are indispensable in the office, so when designing, we should plan the locations of communications, computer power sockets, network cable ports, etc., and try to be as integral and practical as possible.
  4. Don’t forget the comfort standard: Because the office is used for office work, try to use a simple way when designing, without cumbersome details or too many color embellishments. Secondly, when choosing office appliances, it is necessary to fully consider its applicability and comfort.


What are the key points of office decoration design

  1. Reception area

When we walk into the office, the first thing we see is the reception desk. The quality of the decoration in this area is directly related to the customer’s first impression of the company, and will affect the mood of the employees to go to work. Therefore, everyone should use this area Well decorated. The reception area is mainly composed of reception desk, corporate logo, signboard, guest waiting area, etc. The reception area is the facade of an enterprise. When designing this area, everyone should clearly reflect the industry characteristics of an enterprise and convey the management culture of the enterprise.

  1. Office area

Walking along the reception area, you will be greeted by the open office area, where employees work. According to the different decoration methods, open office areas can be divided into two types, namely semi-open and fully open. The so-called semi-open decoration refers to that the decoration company must use partitions of different heights to separate different work departments during decoration; the so-called fully open decoration refers to a completely open large space without any partitions. You can see the seats of each employee from any angle in the office space, and you can choose the appropriate decoration method according to the actual office needs.

  1. Meeting room

Now almost every company has a conference room. The conference room is a completely independent space. It carries many functions, such as receiving customers, internal employee training, and communication and work. Conference room decoration is also one of the key points of office decoration. The conference room should include: Conference table, TV cabinets, pennants, trophies, honorary certificates, photos, etc.

  1. General Manager’s Office

Almost every company will have a general manager’s office during renovation, which is the focus of the entire renovation. The general manager’s office is mainly composed of two parts, namely the reception (rest) area and the office area. The reception area should have a small conference table, a sofa and a coffee table, and the office area is composed of a bookcase, a pallet, a board chair, and a guest chair. When decorating the general manager’s office, everyone should reflect some personal hobbies and tastes of the general manager, and at the same time reflect the characteristics of corporate culture.


What are the considerations for office decoration design

  1. There is a difference between office decoration and home decoration, because the office is mainly used for people’s office, so the office decoration should pay attention to the sense of order. In addition to facilitating people to communicate at work, the office environment must also be clean and generous.
  2. Office design should also pay attention to the color matching, because a good environment can bring comfort and relaxation to people, and can also increase office efficiency. But it can’t be too gorgeous and lively, otherwise it will lose the solemn sense of the office. Secondly, the effect of lighting can be increased under the matching of colors, which not only increases the lighting of the office, but also gives people a bright feeling.
  3. The decoration materials should be environmentally friendly, which not only improves the quality of the office, but also helps the staff physically and mentally, making everyone more comfortable in the office.


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