When placing plants on the office desk,  we can choose small potted plants with round leaves or green plants with round leaves. Because they are relatively easy to feed and do not require too much care. As long as it is personally liked and does not affect the work of other colleagues, it can be  a choice. So, what plants should you put on your desk?


  1. Succulents:


Succulents,  refer to a class of plants in which the stems, leaves or roots of plant organs have developed parenchyma to store water and appear thick and succulent in appearance.


  1. Cactus:


A common indoor potted cactus plant; it is also a good rootstock for grafting other cacti. It can also improve indoor air quality and purify the air. It can absorb sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.


  1. Aloe:


It is one of the few edible species, and its products are widely used in food, beauty, health care, medicine and other fields. But aloe vera also has certain toxicity, pregnant women, infants and young children should not eat


  1. Green radish:


Green radish is a negative plant, likes scattered light, and is more shade-tolerant. It lives when it encounters water, and is called “the flower of life” because of its tenacious vitality. It can not only be attached to a column made of brown, but also can be cultivated to hang in a study, window sill, or placed directly in a pot.

It is a beautiful flower that is very suitable for office indoor planting.


  1. Sansevieria:


There are many varieties of orchid, the plant shape and leaf color change greatly, and the adaptability to the environment is strong. The main varieties are Phnom Penh saxifrage and silver-veined saxifrage. It is suitable for setting up office space and can be viewed for a long time.


  1. Hyacinth:


It can be cultivated in soil, can be cultivated in water, and the price is cheap. It can be planted from November to bloom in January-February of the following year. From planting a bulb to watching it slowly sprout and grow leaves, and finally bloom beautiful flowers, it will be very fulfilling, with pink, blue, A variety of colors such as yellow can be selected, which is very suitable for placing on the desk.


  1. Longevity flower:


Putting a small and mini longevity flower on the office desk can relax your mood, instantly making the dull office environment shiny and full of vitality.


  1. Oncidium:


Oncidium is mini, cute and cheap, especially its small flowers, light and beautiful. It can instantly make your office environment elegant and unique. Also it  even improve the taste of the office environment. Very Worth trying!

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