Office sofa is one of the most common furniture in office space. It is generally placed in corporate offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, etc. for temporary rest or business negotiations.

The office sofa has the following characteristics.

The sitting depth of the office sofa should not be too deep, and it will not be up to 70 cm like the civil one. The general office sofa is a little more than 50 cm. The design of office furniture is mainly for office work, so the whole person is not based on comfort, but generally in a hard style.

The color of the office sofa is also mainly based on neutral colors such as black and white.

The office sofa is about practicality. , so generally sitting on the office sofa will not use the full leather contact surface leather. The general office sofa is mainly favored with artificial leather, microfiber leather,


About the sitting depth of the office

In the case of negotiation in a formal office, everyone needs to sit upright, so the sitting depth is generally controlled at about 55.

About the backrest of the office

The backrest of office furniture is generally not very high. For old-fashioned office furniture, the backrest will be higher. For youthful office furniture. They generally take a mid-back design to give your waist a little support. Thus reaching your neck, it is still in an unsupported state, allowing you to maintain a certain concentration of spirit.

About the choice of office furniture materials

The use of wrought iron office furniture is a cost-effective way.

So the main body of the office sofa is to buy leather or cloth?

Here we recommend buying leather as much as possible. It looks beautiful and is easy to clean.

You can buy office furniture based on artificial leather and microfiber leather. Artificial leather is more scratch-resistant and durable. It is very suitable for the positioning of office furniture.

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