A good reception desk design not only enhances the image of the company and employees, but also delights the mood of customers and employees, and will inevitably win certain business opportunities for the company. Below we will introduce you some basic things about the  design of the reception desk.


The design of the reception desk

1. The design of a reception desk needs to consider a lot of things, the image of the company, the environment around the reception desk, the height and size of the reception desk and so on.

2. Representing the image of the company, it should be beautiful, attractive, and practical.

3. With the company’s philosophy and the goal of wanting to play as the theme, design a unique sense of concept.

The material is good for the reception desk

The reception desk is an indispensable part of office furniture. Its main function is to receive foreign customers. Therefore, it has a beautiful appearance and can leave a deep impression on the guests with the company’s logo wall. At present, the materials of the front desk from high-end to low-grade are marble front desk, painted front desk, solid wood front desk and MDF front desk.

  1. Marble reception desk

Most of the marble reception desks are  in the spacious lobby of the first-floor office building. The marble reception desk is the most high-end material. The price of a set of marble materials ranges from $2,000 Canadian dollars to tens of thousands  dollars, which is very expensive.

2. Baked enameled reception desk

 The surface of bake enameled  on the front desk of baking paint is using environmentally friendly environmental protection. After repeated baking in the paint baking room, the front desk after molding is bright, smooth and very beautiful.

3.Solid wood reception desk

this kind of front desk is relatively rare, many are not made of solid wood, but use MDF with solid wood veneer. The appearance is also very beautiful.

4. MDF  reception desk,

this is the most economical front desk. The material usually uses E1 grade environmental protection board. Also available in combination with pole brackets. Various styles, simplified structure, economical and affordable, are popular in small and medium-sized companies.

The front desk of different industries is composed of company logo and front desk. Different companies have their own unique logos to show their corporate culture and image. The reception desk is a mirror of the company’s overall image. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the design of the reception desk in the office design.

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