A person’s fortune has a lot to do with the surrounding environment. In addition to the house we live in, we can’t ignore the office. Especially the desk among them, it is not only the necessary furnishings in the office, but also the core furniture. Therefore, if you want to create a good office feng shui, you must pay attention to the feng shui of the desk. For example, the desks in the following colors can Improve luck.

Burgundy desk

 Some people may think that the wine red desk is not suitable for the office, it is too bright. In fact, from the feng shui point of view, the wine red desk is very beneficial for the improvement of feng shui. Using a wine red desk in the office can help everyone improve their career luck, and red also represents wealth, which can help the owner of the desk get more promotion opportunities and double their wealth.

Golden desk

 As we all know, golden yellow is a color that represents wealth, and in traditional culture, golden yellow is also a symbol of wealth. When choosing the color of the desk, you can also use the golden desk. Its most obvious function is to bring more prosperity to the business and the users of the desk. And the golden desk can also boost people’s mood, which is conducive to daily work.

Dark brown desk

 Dark brown desks are more common, and in Feng Shui, it is also very suitable for companies to use this color desk. The dark brown desk represents seriousness and rigor in work, which makes people better at work, gets more opportunities for promotion, and is also conducive to improving people’s career fortune. In addition, dark brown also represents calm, not impetuous, which is also a style that needs to be maintained at work.

Solid wood desk

 Nowadays, the materials of desks have become more and more abundant, and from the perspective of feng shui, solid wood desks are very beneficial to creating feng shui. Compared with desks made of other materials, the color of solid wood desks is more natural, and it has the original effect of plants to enhance Feng Shui. In addition, solid wood desks have a longer lifespan, do not pollute the surrounding air, and have no adverse effects.

Minimalist desk

 Now the styles of desks are also very rich, but when choosing, it is best to use those desks with simple shapes. The simple shape is easier to integrate into the surrounding environment, and it is not easy to damage the original feng shui. Moreover, the simple-shaped desk is more in line with the style of the office, and the appearance is more beautiful, and it will not generate evil spirits due to the peculiar shape, or violate some feng shui taboos.

Therefore, be very careful when choosing a desk. Whether it is shape or color, it must be based on the premise of enhancing Feng Shui.

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