In an office environment, a set of leather sofas can make the reception area look comfortable and generous. People love the unique texture and feeling of leather sofas, but they often know little about the cleaning and maintenance of sofas. Today we will learn how to clean and maintain leather sofas.

Let the sofa stay in the right environment

1. Ensure the ventilation in the room. Too dry or too wet will accelerate the aging of leather.

2. Avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight radiation will increase the temperature of the leather, which will lead to the volatilization of oil, the reduction of humidity, and the reduction of elasticity, resulting in cracks and fading of the colored leather surface.

 3. Avoid contact with high temperature. In winter, leather sofas should be kept away from indoor heating facilities (at least 30cm away from heat sources). Do not put it in the place where the air conditioner is directly blown, it is easy to make the leather surface hard.

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Cleaning of leather sofa

cleaning cycle

 Simple cleaning once a week, wipe with water to remove dust on the sofa surface.

 2-3 months maintenance, use professional leather care agent to wipe.

 Thoroughly clean once a year, use a professional leather cleaner to clean up, and then use a conditioner for maintenance.

cleaning steps

 Dust removal: first use a damp soft cloth to remove the floating dust on the surface of the sofa, and then dip it in clean water. This step does not require the use of professional care agents.

 Cleaning: Moisten a sponge or soft cloth with detergent, wipe gently, not too hard, and be careful not to make scratches on the leather surface. The general cleaning agent should be mixed with water in proportion, and the relevant instructions should be understood before operation.


Maintenance: Wipe with leather conditioner after cleaning.

Specific cleaning methods

1. Regarding stains, leather sofas of various colors, especially light-colored leather surfaces, will be covered with stains after a long time of use. It can be diluted with a cleaning solution such as detergent, dipped in a towel and soaked to wipe the surface of the leather, and then dipped in a towel with a glass bottle of “safe bleach” to wipe the dirt. Clean the sofa surface.


2. First use gauze dipped in warm water to wipe the surface of the leather sofa, and then use the leather scrubbing agent and protective agent that can be purchased in the supermarket to wipe, remember not to use too much force. In addition, the inner surface of the banana peel also has a protective effect on the surface of the leather material. The price is low and it is worth a try.

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