In the company, the higher the position, we should pay special attention to Feng Shui, which is a key point that determines your career.

 The desk is the most contacted space in the working day. Therefore, if you want to prosper in your career, the Feng Shui of the desk is the key.


This issue of desk Feng shui will take you to understand how to arrange the Feng Shui of the Executive office desk.


How should you arrange the executive office desk?


The placement of the executive office desk is related to the prosperity of the business and the success or failure of the business, so placement is very important. An auspicious position will enhance the leadership’s aura and affect the judgment and execution of things. All desks belonging to high-level leaders, such as general managers, chairman of the board, and other decision-makers, should locate in auspicious positions.


1. There should be an open space in front of the Executive office desk, which can make the leader open-minded.

2. The Executive office desk should be far away from the door and diagonally with the door to prevent others from peeping directly and isolate the noise outside the door.

3. A bookcase or a solid wall needs to be placed behind the boss’s desk. Having a backer on the back will make the leader feel at ease.

Feng Shui on the executive office desk



The executive office desk should not be backed up. Feng Shui has always emphasized that there is a backer on the back, a bright hall in front, a green dragon on the left, and a white tiger on the right.



The executive office desk should not face three sides. In other words, the boss’s desk can be spacious, but the other two sides cannot be completely empty, people are unstable and impetuous in it, and it is easy to make too radical decisions.



The executive office desk should not be too close to the corner of the house. Generally, human beings are accustomed to relying on both sides, which is relatively safe. The boss’s office is generally more spacious, and the desk is too close to the corner of the room, it is easy to make people shy and indecisive, and can’t let go of their hands and feet boldly; it is easy to be lazy and inactive.

When the office is on a high-rise building, it should be avoided that the two sides of the desk are not solid walls, which are too empty, as if they are suspended in the air, and are not solid. I am afraid it is not conducive to the stability of the boss’s position, and it has the meaning of fluidity and change.



The size of the boss’s desk should be adapted to the size of the office. In Feng Shui, the corresponding principle of people’s houses is that what kind of house is suitable for what kind of people. Derived from this principle, all objects in the Feng Shui environment must be matched and each has its own place. If an object is too abrupt, it is easy to form evil spirits. The office is too large, and the desk appears to be too small, which makes it easy for the boss to have no control over the development of the enterprise.

The orientation of the executive office desk


1. The boss of a large company usually has his own office, so the desk will not be facing the door, but the business owner of a small company or use the living room to do business, often set up a few desks as an office, making the Your desk is facing the door, which is an unfortunate direction. You must turn around.

In some large companies, some directors and supervisors have to go to work every day. It is best to ask a feng shui expert to make a general arrangement of each person’s horoscope and the chairman’s horoscope, and find out the complementary orientation and sitting direction of each person, so as to avoid easy occurrence in the future. Tongues and entanglements.


2. The desks of senior leaders, bosses, chairman of the board, general managers and other decision planners should generally be based on the auspicious direction of the hexagram, that is, the auspicious direction is in the south, the seat is south, the auspicious direction is in the east, and the seat is in the south east.


3. The desks of middle-level leaders, managers, deputy managers, etc. should generally be based on the four pillars of numerology, that is, if there is no wood, the seat should face east; if there is no fire, the seat should face south, etc.


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