A well-designed office space can not only increase the productivity of staffs but also boost company image. In the office space design, there are 4 key words you need to know.

  1. Openness

  • Nowadays, more companies adopt open-plan design for their office space, because the design of open-plan offices is more flexible. Also, it is more convenient for employees to communicate with each other.Hence it improves team cohesion.  To ensure a reasonable layout of office area, we should fully untilize the space  while ensuring that the open area is as large as possible.  Of course, in the open space, it is still necessary to maintain some certain privacy space, and it is crucial  to achieve a balance between openness and independent privacy.

  • 2.Functionality

  • Office design should meet various basic functional requirements. Usually we can divide office space to certain areas: reception area, conference room, staff office area, executive offices and pantry room。

  • Therefore, the design of the office needs to start from understanding the real requirements of the enterprise, and at the same time take into account the culture and industry background of the enterprises.


Everyone wants a good-looking office environment. A beautiful and clean office environment can not only improve everyone’s work efficiency, but also help enterprises establish a good image. Exquisite office design relies on the overall arrangement of space planning, material use, color matching, lighting arrangement, etc.  and finally through the visual experience. While a nice office environment cannot reduce workload stress, it can create a more relaxed atmosphere to help employees cope.


4. comfort

The design of the office also focus on  comfort. For those who work in the office, the office can even be regarded as their second home. The comfort of the office will have a great impact on everyone’s mood and production efficiency. Therefore, the modern office concept is to make office space comfortable and cozy as home. Moreover, you should try to choose more ergonomic office furniture.


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