The conference room is an office space for enterprises to hold meetings, discuss cooperation with clients, and do training. It is an indispensable functional area for enterprises. Hence the conference table is the most important piece of office furniture for the conference room. So how to choose the ideal conference table? The following are some simple rules.

  1. Confirm the size of the conference table.

Generally, the size of a conference table with less than five people is similar to that of a dining table. The size  could be  71″*36″ or 60″*30″.And if it is a round shape, the diameter of the circle is generally about 40″ to 48″ .  The regular size for 8 people conference desk is usually 8′ by 4′ . And a conference tables for ten to 20 people can generally be 10′, 12′ or  14′ by length.

To find  the proper size of the conference table, you need to know the size of the conference room and the number of people who often participate in the conference.

2. Decide on the material of the conference table

The following are some traditional material for conference table: artificial board , MDF and solid wood. If you want a high-end conference tables you can  use solid wood conference tables. If you have limited budget, you may choose steel frame conference tables.

3. Plan the  power supply and network cable box of the conference table in advance.

Sometimes you will find that in a conference with experts giving lectures, many cables are laid out on the computer and  it takes a lot of time to set up the zoom meeting or projector. So when purchasing conference table, you can choose the integrated power supply and network cable box according to your own requirements.

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