The company’s front desk symbolizes the company’s overall appearance, so how to show creativity in the decoration to catch the attention of customers is very important, so how to design the company’s front desk reception area better? Let’s take a look at the following.


Reception area design key points

1. Pay attention to the number of company visitors

For  office decoration design, the reception area occupies a very important position. The first impression of the visitor is obtained from the decoration and arrangement of the reception area. It should be attractive, neat, organized, and most importantly. It can accommodate the general number of visitors. Usually, the maximum number of visitors of the company should be considered before the design. On this basis, the corresponding reception space should be reserved. At the same time, in order to respect the customers, try not to design the reception room to be transparent. The kind of glass, because many clients don’t like to expose themselves to a lot of eyes.

2. Reasonable division of different function areas

When designing the reception area, we should also take into account the rationality, divide the action area reasonably, and try to guide the visitors to enter the reception room in a short and direct manner, so as to avoid the “curved path”. The number and specifications of the reception area should be based on the company’s public relations activities. depends on the actual situation.


3. Color selection of the reception area

The interior space of the reception room is small, and the color of the walls can be soft purple or light lake blue. These colors have the effect of expanding the line of sight and make the space appear spacious; if the reception room has a large space and simple facilities, a large number of warm colors can be used. The warm beige, soft yellow green, warm rose brown, etc., these colors give a sense of warmth in the perseverance, making the space appear restrained and warm.

4. Creative art style

Choose suitable syle. And keep the design simple and neat.

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