Whether you’re working from home full-time or busy with after-hours work, having a home office is a great option. Anyone can have a desk in the room, but if you want to have a great setup, you need to know some strategies to get the best setup and avoid common pitfalls that can divert your productivity.

Home office design is more and more popular among young friends. Everyone wants to build an office in their own home, and now everyone has higher and higher requirements for the office environment, so how should we create a family that we like? What about the office? Let’s take a look at SOHO’s office environment with the editor. I hope it can bring you inspiration.

  1. Small but effective corners

Simplicity is the key to small space office design, and a cozy corner like this requires only a few essentials. This built-in desk has a large drawer for documents and a small drawer for office supplies. Semi-custom furniture is your best bet to not only be affordable, but to get what you want at the same time.

  1. Rearrange furniture

Home office design doesn’t have a specific location, move your sofa to the center of the living room or home and use the space behind it as a home office. An elegant glass table and narrow bookcase take up the space behind the sofa, an arrangement that allows you to have fun while working at your desk if your TV is in front of your sofa.

  1. Along the wall

▲ Office area along the wall

A sturdy wall of bookshelves can sometimes take up a room, so adding an office desk between the bookshelf and the bookshelf or between the bookshelves and the closet can change it up a little and a simple home office is formed in this way, in order to unify the elements and To achieve the built-in look, keep all the colors the same.

  1. Kitchen corner

▲ Kitchen corner office area

Setting up a home office in the kitchen? Maybe everyone is confused, but all of this is possible. A desk is placed in the corner of the kitchen, so that the kitchen space can also function as an office without affecting the use of the kitchen. Here, a simple surface extension provides the perfect space, with an office area in the heart of your home that must not look out of place.

  1. Attic space

A quiet loft can provide a perfect home office opportunity to make the most of a free space, a long desk along the wall provides ample workspace for two, and is just a tabletop mounted on a series of cabinets . The windows in front of the desks provide natural light, while the adjustable wall-mounted light fixtures will keep you lit when you work at night, and this office is designed to be spacious and not overpowering.

  1. Small office + storage

Keep your office design from feeling cramped by using multifunctional furniture. This foldable table takes up little visual space and can be rearranged and easily moved. A wall-mounted shelf creates a clever wall display, and grabbing a comfy chair from the living room can create an instant home office.

  1. Stair Corner

Rethinking the concept of the home office, with wireless Internet access, office design is no longer limited to places with plug-in modems. Place your desk in an underutilized part of your house, this office takes advantage of a previously neglected stair corner, it sits perfectly in the center of the aisle and is easily accessible from anywhere in the house. A desk half wall behind a freestanding bookshelf and a filing cabinet under the desk provides storage for documents and bills


  1. Free closet space

Convert an extra closet into a flexible and inexpensive office space. Remove all the doors and extra shelves, decorate the interior of the closet, and simply add a desk. To complete the new corner, install baseboards to match the rest of the room, and add some lighting fixtures, such as these chandeliers, to brighten the space.


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