Office furniture have a lot of different sytle. It is very important to choose the office furniture that suits the company’s taste when customizing the office furniture.  Also, it is necessary to choose high-quality furniture, so that the use time is long. So the following are some key words for customizing office furniture.

  1. Office furniture material:

The choice of materials is one of the key points when customizing office furniture. When purchasing materials for office furniture, it should be noted that the materials should have anti-skid and moisture-proof effects, or be soft and elastic, because office furniture is generally used to store documents and materials.

2. the style of office furniture:

For custom office furniture, try to choose simpler patterns. Those ground materials with strong concave and convex patterns often cause visual errors in reading and office work, resulting in a sense of instability. Simple and atmospheric styles can be adopted.

  1. Office furniture placement:

The position and direction of the placement should be reasonable, try to place it against the wall to leave more space, which can make the passage more open and smooth, improve the experience of the working environment, and improve work efficiency. The entrance cabinet in the office furniture should also pay attention to the height and size, which can be customized according to the actual situation of the company.

4. office furniture design:

Customized office furniture should highlight the comfortable and warm atmosphere, the design can be comfortable and warm as the main tone, and the overall style should be focused on calm and generous interior decoration colors. Avoid large areas of dark colors, resulting in too dark working environment, should design a close and peaceful mood. While customizing office furniture, you can also hang your favorite calligraphy and painting accessories, and add furniture such as easy chairs, reclining chairs, rattan sofas, and collection cabinets.


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