The arrangement of office furniture is also a reflection of beauty. Generally speaking the office usually has more space, but in order to make the overall effect more beautiful. We still have to set up the office furniture. This can give a feeling of spaciousness and generosity. So decorate office furniture to want to have fastidious, what kind of good method is there? Weiss office furniture from the two aspects of the office furniture , to share with you a few office furniture supporting the program.

The collocation scheme of board type office furniture

For those of you who have a lot of work to do, they spend a lot more time in their office than they do at home, so we built our office space, what we have in mind for ourselves is a wish of many people to fulfill this wish. In fact, it is very simple. We only need to buy some board office furniture, and then make the collocation scheme of board office furniture. We can make our office area look very simple, but it also appears very generous, this is to use a big characteristic of board type office furniture, so board type office furniture collocation scheme after all what have?

Because the board type office furniture is a kind of office furniture which is made of MDF and plywood, however, the structure of office furniture is relatively simple, when we design the collocation scheme of the board-type office furniture, we must take into account this characteristic of our board-type office furniture, because when we design the collocation of the board-type office furniture, also buy some other accessories, which must be very simple, if you buy some accessories more complex, will make our entire office area look very complex style, there’s no consistency.

If your office furniture is to buy the words of board type office furniture, so we might as well put some succulent plant on these office furniture. It makes our offices look more alive, makes us feel more alive at work, and is great for our own health. Of course, in general when we carry out office collocation, we should maintain the consistency of the overall style. That is to say, if your desk is big enough to buy board-style office furniture, you can also buy board-style office furniture for some of your chairs and filing cabinets. Absolutely not. Our desk is big enough to buy board-style office furniture, then the file cabinet to buy some solid wood file cabinet, so that it will look nondescript.

And to the collocation scheme of board type office furniture, what is important still is a collocation on color, say we must keep all office furniture is on same tonal. Even if the color is slightly different, but also can not be too different, must be the same color, so as to look more harmonious.

The collocation scheme of glass office furniture

Having some glass office furniture in your office is an increasingly popular trend because it not only adds a sense of clarity and serenity to an increasingly busy office, and this glass material is also very convenient when cleaning

Just wipe it with a cloth to restore the feeling of transparency and to fully enjoy the smooth glass on the office of a sense of elegance. In fact, people for this transparent and bright things have a heart yearning, just like the various glass bridges now because of their transparent beauty by people welcome.

However, the glass office furniture in the middle of the collocation program to do a reasonable and beautiful to play the effects of these furniture. For example, how to match the glass desk with other chairs, how to put different materials of the desk?

Although offices purchase glass office furniture when they buy the same model to display, however, there is a need to divide the office into different types of glass desks as well. This makes the layout and zoning of these desks in the office require a certain degree of integration with the glass desk in order to fully display the beauty of the glass furniture

For example, some places have a desk with a glass top, while others have a glass top with a steel or wood top. Both models can be in the same office at the same time, because it is also necessary to make a distinction between office desks according to the needs of people in different occupations.

This makes the collocation scheme of glass office furniture need to be divided to a certain extent according to which occupation uses which desk, and matching these glass desks with other office supplies and so on requires a good plan to make the entire office feel comfortable and transparent.

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