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No matter how much you spend on office furniture, you can’t work right away at the new office , this is because office furniture has a certain smell, which is the smell of natural materials emitted by raw materials, or it could be a noxious gas like formaldehyde, or the smell of paint, so you need to get rid of the smell before you move in, so how do we get rid of the smell of office furniture? Our Weiss furniture will give you some fantastic tips to help you get ride of unwanted smells in the office furniture.

1.Ventilation method

Ventilation is the most common and direct method, opening doors and windows to allow natural air circulation. It is also an effective and economical way to eliminate indoor pollution. In the office when no one for ventilation is appropriate, in the sun up, the window ventilation should be as long as possible every day, it is recommended not less than 2 hours.

2.Steam eliminating hair

We can put two pots of salt water in the room, the smell of paint will soon disappear. If the paint smell of furniture is strong, you can first scrub several times with black tea water, and then take 500 grams of ordinary black tea, and then prepare a few basins, and in these basins filled with the right amount of boiling water, then we will prepare 500 grams of red industry in advance to these wash basins, and finally these wash basins evenly distributed in the office, this time will open the windows, and then people walk away, the door lock, when you come to the office two days later, you will find that the odor is obviously reduced, this method is still more effective, we might as well try it.

3.Activated carbon elimination hair

activated carbon can absorb formaldehyde, reduce harm to the human body, but also difficult to remove formaldehyde, we suggest that you use for a long time, we can buy some activated carbon after decoration back, and then add something else to complement it.

4.Plant elimination hair

Many plants can absorb formaldehyde plants cactus, Chlorophytum comosum, Fu Lang Flower (also known as Gerbera) , reeds, ivy, iron trees, chrysanthemums and so on; The plants that can eliminate xylene are ivy, cyclocarya paliurus, chrysanthemum, etc. . The bamboo of turtle back, also known as Turtle Back Banana, Peng Lai Banana, Wire Lotus, through Dragon’s Paw, evergreen vine, which can not only eliminate odors, it also makes the air fresher.

5.Vinegar cleaning

This method has very fast function , burning a bucket of warm water, add the right amount of vinegar, vinegar in the amount of mixed to be able to smell a relatively strong vinegar flavor as a standard, then the entire cleaning of the desk does not need to use any other cleaning agent, and so on after cleaning for a period of time, such as vinegar on the paint surface infiltration, decomposition of harmful substances, then rinse with clean water. This method is currently the fastest way to remove odors and pests.

6.Tea leaf elimination

Tea has the role of removing odor, it is specific practice is to boil water, put some tea. When the steam of tea evaporates, it is divided into each room with a small plastic poke, wait until the water is cold, and then add, so repeated operation, can make the interior decoration taste greatly reduced. At the same time you can also use the tea to drink the night after drying into the wardrobe and other furniture, can remove the odor of formaldehyde.

7.Acid fruit elimination hair

Buying some pineapples in each office on a few, Weiss office furniture suggest you can put more in your office. Pineapple is a kind of fruit with coarse fiber, which can eliminate formaldehyde emitted from office furniture, and can not only absorb the paint smell, but also release the clear smell of pineapple and speed up the removal of odors, not only does it eliminate odors, it also smells good.

These are the most common and easiest ways to get rid of odors in new office furniture, and you can use them to improve the air quality in your office. According to these methods, we encounter the smell of office furniture to effectively remove odor. But the important point is to buy office furniture to choose qualified office furniture products in order to effectively reduce the production of odor, Weiss office furniture , all products passed the security credentials of many countries, especially all of our products admitted by Environmental Safety and Security Association in Great Vancouver, so you can be assured to choose your right office furniture from us :


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