Nowadays, Office filing cabinet has so many types in office furniture market,especially in Great Vancouver when we choose that we are not only to concern about brands but also quality ,  Today Weiss office furniture will give you 5 tips to help you choose the better office filing cabinet.

1.The outlook style of office filing cabinet

Since the office filing cabinet should be placed in harmony with the walls, floors, work tables and so on, it is important to choose colors. Generally speaking, the light-colored decoration style corresponds to the light-colored office filing cabinet, the choice of dark color can be the same color, if not sure which color good-looking, choose the popular color, elegant and generous to highlight.

2.Check the quality of office filing cabinet

Now the file cabinet material mainly has the steel and the wooden two kinds. Steel is the use of cold-rolled steel plate that we usually say the iron cabinet, characterized by fire, moisture-proof, cheap, light quality, strong and durable. Most of the wood used compressed board, of course, there are solid wood, but the price of solid wood is very expensive, most of the manager’s office or the office will be used. Features: beautiful, changeable style, can be customized according to the actual size.

2.1 Steel filing cabinet

For steel filing cabinet surface paint film is smooth and bright, whether there are quality defects such as falling, bubbles, wrinkles, etc. , there are no corrosion spots, dead joints, broken, and so on; all kinds of wood-based panel parts edge treatment is strict and straight, there is no gumming, the surface is smooth and smooth, there is no knock.

2.2 Wooden filing cabinet

For wooden file cabinet, in order to prevent file cabinet structure damage please avoid overload use, when you need to move also try not to drag, so as not to damage the paint surface.

3.Notice the craft of office filing cabinet

File cabinet work fine, can be observed from the combination of parts, see the connection between each component point rationality and firmness. The overall structure of the tin file cabinet, each connection point, including horizontal, vertical connections between the points must be closed, there can be no gaps, can not be loose. Drawers and cabinet doors should be opened and closed flexibly and return correctly. The perimeter of the glass door should be polished, neat, open and close flexible, no debris, scratches, symmetrical four corners, button hand position is correct.

4.Check the structural featuresof office filing cabinet

Check the office filing cabinet structure is reasonable, the framework is correct, solid. Gently push the furniture with your hand, if there is shaking or creaking sound, that the structure is not solid. Check the verticality of the office filing cabinet, and check its warping.

5.Notice the practical of office filing cabinet

The filing cabinet in the office should not only be beautiful, but also practical. Whether the size of the office file cabinet conforms to the principle of ergonomics, whether it conforms to the prescribed size, determines whether the furniture is convenient to use or not.

Weiss office furniture,  we can offer different types of filing cabinet for our customers , except that we also have much experience in office furniture market , especially in Great Vancouver, we can meet different customer’s requirements , our notion is try our best to offer better products for our customers, we can also give you some good advice during office furniture area, more questions you can follow us :

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