Where is the longest place a person spends in a day? You may joke about the bed, but, according to the general situation of office workers, going to bed at eleven o’clock in the morning and getting up at seven in the morning, the sleep time is no more than 8 hours, but You can easily spend more than 10 hours in the office. In a sense, the office is your second home, and the utensils of the office are your furniture.

Scientific research shows that a neat and clean working environment can not only protect one’s physical and mental health, but also improve personal work efficiency. The quality of the office environment is very important. So, how to clean the office furniture that you get along with day and night? In fact, the types of office furniture are not fancy, nothing more than desktops, cabinets, sofas, seats and so on.

  1. Cleaning of desks and cabinets

Desktop: In the office furniture, the desktop is the most common place with my door, and it is also the place where it is easy to get stains. The desktop stain treatment method can be wiped with a soft cloth to remove the stains, so that the desktop is bright and new, especially the tape marks are sticky. High, not easy to wipe, stain removal oil is the best cleanser, but it is not good for the skin, long-term contact should be avoided.


If the drawer does not slide smoothly, you can purchase WD-40 lubricant to spray the slide rail at the hardware store. If the drawer surface of the drawer cabinet is inclined, one third of the drawer can be pulled out, and the cabinet body can be pressed down by hand on the left and right sides to restore the flat appearance of the drawer surface.

  1. Maintenance of office chairs

After talking about the table, it must be the office chair. This set of combinations is necessary for every office work, and the quality of the chair is directly related to the health problems of the waist, hips, spine and other health problems when sitting for a long time, which should not be underestimated!

Cloth cleaning and leather cleaning: the same as the sofa maintenance steps above.

There is abnormal sound when tilting: WD-40 lubricant can be used to spray the shaft contacts or springs.

Easy to tip over: Adjust the tilting tension adjustment knob to the tightness that suits your body type, do not be too loose, which may cause the danger of tipping. Wheelchair: There are two types of wheelchairs, one is nylon hard wheelchair, which is suitable for use on soft floors, such as carpets, and the other is PU soft wheelchair, which is suitable for use on hard floors, such as plastic floors and marble floors. and wooden floors. Because the wheel shaft is rubbed on the ground, it is easy to be stained with dander fibers. It is advisable to remove the dander on the wheel regularly, and use anti-static spray to protect the wheel to ensure smooth sliding.

  1. Screen/office partition cleaning

The function of the screen is to separate the private space. The screen in a broad sense should be visible in every office, so his maintenance is also essential.

Cloth panel: the most common is the screen cloth panel is dirty, a small part of the stain can be sprayed with 3M foam cleaner for about 10 seconds, then wipe with a clean soft cloth. Do not wipe with stain remover oil, it will cause fading and traces.

Glass panel: It is easy to leave crumbs when wiping, which is extremely difficult to clean. You can wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with water and then wipe it with an old newspaper to keep it as bright as new, or wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in oil to avoid leaving lint.

Tabletops: Clean as described above for tables.

Baking paint: When the paint is peeled off due to strong collision, if it is only a small part, it can be decorated with a black strange pen.


4 Sofa cleaning

The maintenance of the sofa can be used in the sofa in your own home, mainly for the different maintenance of the leather.

Cloth sofa: Treated as a screen cloth panel.

Leather sofa: Do not use irritating detergents, solvents, soapy water, benzene, rosin oil, etc. during maintenance. It is necessary to prevent the pores of the leather from being blocked. On weekdays, you can use a sponge with cleaning solution and wipe it in a circular motion. Do not rub hard, and then dry it with a wool cloth. It can be done once a month to make the surface bright and new.


For regular maintenance, the above-mentioned daily maintenance method should be used first, and then a little maintenance oil should be dipped in a soft cloth (do not need too much, and the cloth should be dipped frequently) and evenly spread on the leather, let it dry, and then lightly apply it with a dry soft cloth. Wipe the leather surface to make it shiny. The leather should not be wiped with water because it is afraid of moisture and sunlight. If it gets wet with water, it should be wiped dry immediately, otherwise cracks will occur over time. Regular maintenance is recommended for Shanghai office furniture every two seasons.

Although the above are some maintenance suggestions for office furniture, whether it is desks, chairs or other furniture, they are not so subdivided. The same chair is home furniture at home, and office furniture in the office. In fact, there is no such thing as It’s too big of a distinction, so if you think it’s effective, you can also use it in your own furniture.

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