How to choose wheels of office chair

Nowadays there are more and more different types of office chairs on the market for us to choose, the most common of which are ordinary net office chairs and ergonomic office chairs. When we choose office chairs, you must understand which features are appropriate for your application. Knowing the details of office furniture and major differences in maintenance, such as whether the wheels or sliders fit into your new chair, will provide your office with another flexible option to improve comfort and functionality. Our Weiss office furniture will give you some ideas when you choose the wheels of office chair.

1.Cardan wheel

The Cardan wheel is also called freedom wheels , it is a small wheel attached to the foot of an office chair and attached to the bottom of the chair leg for easy movement on the floor. This type of function is usually suitable for small, lightweight chairs, such as task or meeting seats.The wheel will continue to move even when weight is applied, allowing the chair to move over short distances without the user having to stand.

The Freedom Wheel usually feature rotation, which allows the chair to move easily in all directions with very little force. Chairs with liberty wheels allow employees to enjoy a bit of mobility from their seats, collaborate with colleagues or adjust their position at work.

2.Charge and interval Wheels.

The other popular types are Charge and interval Casters, the pressure brake casters allow the furniture wheels to roll until weight is applied. Once the pressure is applied, the wheels lock and basically slide until the pressure is gone.

In addition, the casters of the interval brake always provide a slight brake, mainly used as a safety device to prevent the furniture from rolling without intentional movement. Furniture with spacer braked casters is usually more important than, say, a personal office chair and requires more force to move than furniture with free casters.

3.Nylon Wheels

Nylon full name is Polyamide fiber, English name is Polyamide IDE (trade term PA) . This nylon (PA) has certain wear resistance, high temperature resistance, mute effect, shock absorption effect, chemical resistance and other characteristics, nylon casters it is also in wear resistance, high temperature resistance, quiet effect, shock absorption, chemical resistance and other characteristics have certain advantages.Nylon wheels are usually suitable for carpeting.

Knowing the differences, advantages, and typical applications of any piece of furniture is critical to determining which type of components are appropriate for your office space. Making the right decision between using quality casters and sliding devices on chairs and other office furniture is a simple, inexpensive solution that maximizes the functionality of any space, while protecting the condition and service life of the furniture and floor.

In fact, any office furniture that you move around a lot , However, when choosing to use wheels as your office chairs or office desks, it is crucial to consider using them primarily for the floor.

Our Weiss furniture have our own production line for wheels of office chair ,office desks and other office furniture and we did durable test of every wheel when it is finished, except that we also can give our customers some extra wheels for alternative, if you are in Great Vancouver, we can also offer door-door service,  more tips for office furniture you can follow us :


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