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Office furniture is the main part of office , studio or other work place , But because many people neglect to the fashionable office furniture maintenance, and affected the use of indoor furniture experience and life. Generally speaking, the volume of office furniture is relatively large, it is difficult to move, so we need to pay special attention in the process of moving. Weiss office furniture suggested that we can use soft rope to assist, pay attention to gently put, flat, but remember to cushion the edges of office furniture in order to prevent scratching, do not put in the sun exposure, prevent cracking, do not put in a humid place, so perishable. At the same time for different materials of office furniture, there are different maintenance methods. The most common office furniture in the office has wooden furniture, leather furniture, cloth furniture, steel furniture and other office furniture, each kind of maintenance methods are different, today we are going to give you some suggestions for protecting your office furniture from different materials.

1.Maintenance of leather office furniture

Nowadays, the leather materials is very popular for office furniture, so for leather materials  First with warm detergent diluted in warm water, and then wipe with a cloth, such as leather surface moisture dry, and then coated with maintenance agent, although a little trouble, can be a period of time, not too frequent.

Except that, for the real lather office furniture with good softness and color, in maintenance it needs to be placed and clean two aspects pay more attention. When put, be like woodiness class office furniture, should avoid sunshine as far as possible. In the clean, should dip in with fine cloth a small amount of water to wipe, with a soft dry cloth, for stubborn stains the best choice.

2.Maintenance of fabric office furniture

Many enterprises in the reception room will be equipped with a certain fabric furniture, so that the reception of customers have a sense of intimacy. These cloth art furniture used by the fabric for some types of soft and comfortable texture, easy to dirty damage, maintenance needs to pay special attention to their cleaning.

When stained with dust, sand and other dry dirt, as long as gently pat or vacuum cleaner can be used, as for granulated sand, you can use a brush to gently brush, but do not use a hard brush, so as not to harm the cloth. If the drink, juice can first wipe with a tissue to absorb water, and then to warm water solution neutral detergent wipe, and then use a clean soft cloth to dry, and finally to low-temperature drying.

3.Maintenance of chrome , sandblasting glass classoffice furniture

Chrome and sandblasted glass type of office furniture for the staff lounge coffee table, chairs and other products, the surface of these office furniture bright, it is easy to see the handprint stains and affect the appearance of the product surface coating. But these products are much easier to maintain than the above three. Usually, just need to avoid putting in more sleep environment can clean, also need to use dry cloth gently wipe can be bright as new. But, must pay attention when moving, can not grasp the glass mesa to move.

4.Maintenance of solid wood office furniture

Solid Wood office furniture  it is common in the office desk and office chair, etc. , when maintenance in the clean, display and move three areas pay more attention. In cleaning to avoid sharp scratches, for stubborn stains do not use a wire brush or hard brush for cleaning, should use a soft cloth dipped in strong detergent to wipe. When placing, also want attention to avoid sunshine as far as possible, because the paint that makes its surface oxidizes quickly like that. In addition, in the movement should also be careful, avoid knock damage paint surface.

5.Maintenance skills of panel type office furniture

Place the floor of board type furniture must maintain level, four legs balanced ground. If after board furniture is installed, be in the state that often vacillates rock is unsteady, after a long time can make fastening component fall off necessarily, agglutinate part is cracked, affect use effect and reduce board furniture life thereby. In addition, if the floor is soft so that plank type furniture is unbalanced, also do not use plank or iron sheet pad furniture leg, so even if keep balance, also very difficult bear force is even, go down for a long time can damage plank type furniture internal structure. The only way to compensate is to trim the floor, or with a slightly larger area of hard rubber on the floor, so that the four legs of the board-style furniture on the ground.

In a word, when you bought office furniture it is important for you to know how to maintenance them, cause it can make your furniture more durable,  hope these tips are helpful for you,  our weiss office furniture, we are professional manufacturer of office desks, office chairs, office sofas and other office reception furniture with over 20 years experience, more details about office furniture you can follow us :

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