The color of the office should be selected before the decoration, otherwise the color and style will not match the whole room, so I recommend several colors to everyone. Now people have higher and higher requirements for the office environment, and the quality requirements for office furniture are also The corresponding improvement requires not only practicality and comfort, but also fashion. It must conform to the positioning of the company’s decoration style in order to match well. So the color and material of office furniture are very important, so what color is generally better for office furniture? How to match to look good?

First, what color is generally better for office furniture

  1. Black and white collocation

Black and white are versatile colors, and are a popular color in the choice of office furniture colors. Many young people now like this style of matching. It is full of personality without losing beauty. It is a very popular design now, using black and white. The matching desk makes the office more stable and full of fashion, and the overall look is more open and bright. It does not require gorgeous decoration and colors, and uses very simple colors to make the office look more beautiful.

  1. Advanced gray

Nowadays, most young people prefer “high-grade gray” office furniture. First, let’s introduce “high-grade gray”, which is a mixed color of black and white. It is a very popular color and is easy to integrate with the surrounding environment, such as light gray. The office furniture is low-key, soft and elegant. It can be matched with beige or white and other colors to make your office life more relaxed and comfortable. Is your first impression of being very stable? !

  1. Brown

Brown is the original color of wood and land. It makes people feel safe and friendly, and can achieve a comfortable and gentle effect, thereby enriching the office environment. For example, the brown leather office sofa is very atmospheric and stable. With a black or gray coffee table, the entire office space is simple and generous, stable and luxurious.

  1. Orange or orange

People often think orange or tangerine  not only a very bold color, but also a sign of vitality, a lively and uplifting color, it is paired with white or bright colors to make the whole office feel bright and fresh, and very modern. . In terms of use and tone, they are more fancy colors.


Second, the color matching skills of office furniture

  1. The color of office furniture can be matched with the floor, wall, etc. The common matching mode is that the color of office furniture is the same, similar or opposite to the color of the floor. For example, a black and white desk with a beige floor can make the office look more harmonious unity. In addition, if the floor is a warm tone, the color of the office furniture can be dominated by light colors, the floor is brown, and the color of the office furniture can be dominated by dark colors.
  2. The atmosphere of the office should be relatively warm and comfortable. For different office styles, we should also pay attention to the color matching of office furniture. For example, we can select white office furniture for modern minimalist style offices, and select red office furniture  for Chinese style offices. Office furniture, while the American-style office can choose brown office furniture, etc. This unified performance makes the office more tidy and comfortable.

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