With the progress of society and the continuous rise of new industrial formats, the office model and office space have been constantly refreshing public perception. Today, let’s share insights on the top 5 trends in office space in 2022.

1. The space is home-based, office furniture is “de-commercialized” and customized

In the past two years of normalized prevention and control of the epidemic, the desire of working people to work from home has not weakened. Therefore, many companies choose to design their workplaces to be as comfortable as home, which can indirectly make employees willing to stay in the office.

2. Space digitization and intelligent customization of office furniture

According to relevant surveys, by 2023, more than 60% of large enterprises will invest in the ability of employees to work remotely to ensure that employees can work together independently and in real time. Therefore, the digital and intelligent office space will become one of the most popular spaces. Office furniture such as lift desks, smart reminder sedentary chairs, and wirelessly rechargeable coffee tables are also bound to be popular.

3. Diversification of space Personalized customization of office furniture

With the post-90s entering the main workplace group, in 2022, we can divide office space functions into many areas, such as private office, discussion and negotiation, entertainment and leisure, etc. Employees can freely choose their workplace according to their work content. We recommend that when purchasing office furniture, go to the exhibition hall of the office furniture factory to have a look. Maybe they have some innovative ideas in the customization of office furniture, which can give you some new ideas about the customization of office furniture.

4. Space sustainability Modular custom office furniture

At present, entrepreneurship has become the choice of college graduates. As the number of graduates of college students increases year by year, start-up enterprises will also be common. However, start-up companies will choose a small-area office due to the limited start-up capital and team size. How to create sustainable growth functional value in a small space? It allows the office furniture factory to design modular office furniture, such as deformable and multi-purpose desks, foldable office chairs, etc.

5. The naturalness of space Bionic design of office furniture

The urbanization process has catalyzed people’s desire to be close to nature, so in the working environment, the office furniture factory can customize some office furniture with bionic design to create an environment where people can work harmoniously in nature. Of course, material selection and intelligent manufacturing technology are also very important. In the procurement process, we recommend that everyone find out the strength and qualifications of office furniture factories.

In a word, the trend customization of office space is closely related to the customization of office furniture. Therefore, when enterprises determine the style and function of office space in the early stage, they must consider the customization of office furniture. It is recommended that the majority of enterprises entrust some professional office furniture factories for customized production


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