Modern office chair is made foam, net fabric, nylon and steel. With the development of office chair derived from various names, according to the identity can be called: Staff Chair, Boss Chair, according to the structure a person is known as Swivel Chair, lift chair, four-legged chair, bow-shaped chair, etc. According to the use of the scene can be called: Office Chair, Conference Chair, Training chair, and so on; and high-end functional office chair can be called Ergonomic Chair. There are many kinds of office chairs in the market. What is the most important thing for customers when they buy office chairs?

Style, safety, comfort, price, or both? In fact, the most important thing is the demand and budget. If customers are more concerned about the price of seats, they can just sit, and they can choose an ordinary office chair; if they are more concerned about the comfort of seats, in particular, suffering from cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc protrusion of small partners, the best choice will be ergonomic chair, in this articles , Weiss furniture will give you some suggestions to help you choose the right office chairs.

1.Tips for purchasing normal office chair

1.1The gas lift must be certified safe.

In general, the regular pressure bar will be engraved on the bar Logo and relevant parameters, no label can ask the bar is produced by which factory, have passed ISO9001 national safety quality certification or SGS safety certification, you might want to get him to show you the proper documentation.

1.2 Make sure the material is comfortable and breathable.

There are three main types of office chair materials:

The first is leather and foam, dermal permeability is good, Pu skin permeability in general, but usually more expensive leather seats;

The second is mesh and foam, the most common, breathable, good office chair sit for several years inside the foam is still very dynamic, poor office chair when sitting may be very soft, however, after sitting for a long time, the inner sponge will collapse and the permeability will be greatly affected

The third is pure mesh, breathability is the best, but the pure mesh cushion has a big defect, the general material mesh life compared to the mesh and foam office chair to be much shorter.

1.3 Make sure your legs are stable.

General Office Chair Foot Stability Rank: five star base > bow base > four foot. Of course, in the case of stable quality, poor five star legs also have the risk of falling off the wheels.

2.Tips for purchasing ergonomic chair

The biggest difference between an ergonomic chair and an ordinary office chair is that it is more comfortable, the principle of ergonomic chair is to use science and human health research means to make the chair design and material can best adapt to the human body shape, thus reducing the poor posture on the human body caused by fatigue.

1.1 Size

Ergonomic chairs offer a wider range of body shapes due to their multiple adjustment functions, and some brands offer a variety of sizes.

1.2 Structure

Ergonomic chair is mainly the structure of the back, head pillow, waist support, seat cushion, armrest, chair legs and air pressure bar to understand the purchase.

For example, the back of the chair can be said to be the soul of the whole ergonomic chair. This is also the most important difference from the ordinary office chair. It is not a problem that can be solved by a simple curve, the materials used, the fit with the human spine, tilt adjustment is the key to the chair back, a good chair back should feel relaxed, there is no pressure, weight-bearing and stuffy feeling.

Lumbar adjustment function, most ergonomic chairs will have adjustable lumbar support. Adjustable lumbar support is divided into up and down adjustment, left and right adjustment, strength adjustment or asymmetric strength adjustment. Regulation is not the most important, what is important is whether the Lumbar + chair back can play a perfect role in supporting the spine and lumbar spine.

Whether the armrest is connected with the back of the chair or not is related to the overall comfort of the ergonomic chair. Only when the armrest is connected, can it keep the same angle with the back of the body, so that the arm can get comfortable support. Therefore, the armrest adjustment is very important.

Cushion of material, for different cushion of material of its sitting feeling has a greater difference, the above has said what is mainly divided into, here no longer repeat. “high-end” ergonomic chair using more patented materials, so the shape of the feeling of sitting is very different. In addition to the material of the cushion, the ergonomic chair is quite different from the ordinary office chair in the shape design and adjustment mode of the cushion. In order to relieve the pressure on the nerves and blood vessels of the buttocks and legs, the front end of an ergonomic seat cushion is usually a waterfall, secondly, the adjustment of sitting depth can be divided into fore-and-aft adjustment and Crouching Adjustment.

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