With the improvement of People’s quality of life, the demand for personalized office furniture is also getting higher and higher. Enterprises’choice of office furniture is not only limited to the function but also pays more attention to the choice of design style, different styles of office furniture bring people different experiences, the following Weisi furniture to take you to know some trends about 2022 office furniture design.

Trend 1 Pro Wellbeing Office Design

An employee’s mental and physical condition can have a huge impact on his or her performance. With this in mind, business owners should take steps to promote good health and wellbeing in the workplace. Here are some pro wellbeing design ideas:

Bring the Outside In

Studies prove that introducing natural elements improves mental health.

Recharge Rooms

Electronic free zones and yoga rooms will help to reduce stress and rejuvenate.

Gaming Areas

A fun way to get some exercise!

Height Adjustable Desks

Sitting too much is bad for your health, so having the option to stand while working is a great solution

So the design trend for 2022 is to divide up discussion areas, as well as private work spaces, and more humanely divide up the different areas so that employees are better engaged.

Trend 2 Collaborative Coworking

These days, freelancers, start.ups and small teams can access office space without being tied into expensive, long term contracts. This is known as coworking. and is particularly attractive to creatives due to the fact they can work flexible hours and collaborate with like-minded people.

A Bustling Coworking Hub

Complete with a range of furniture

Coworking Booths 

Ideal for collaboratic

Portable Whiteboard

Great for brainstorming

Trend 3 Feature Walls

Feature walls can instil your brand identity add aesthetic interest to your interiors and

provide a chance to impress visitors.Feature walls needn’t be expensive either.

Take these for example:

Company Story Wall

Show your staff that hard work pays off!

Framed Testimonials

These help to establish trust between you and visitors

Vinyl Wall Graphic

Introduce a graphic that reflects your identity

Trend 4  Modern Industrial Design

Nobody wants to work in a Dickensian factory, but by introducing industrial style elements to a modern office you can create an interesting, balanced aesthetic. This year, look out for the following.

Crittall Windows

Pendant Lights

Upcycled Furniture

Made from reclaimed industrial material

Trend 5 Cork Flooring

While cork flooring has been around for decades, it has recently become fashionable

due to its eco-friendly appeal. Not only is cork sourced from a tree bark that grows back after being harvested, it is biodegradable and will break down at the end of its life cycle.

Cork Flooring

Available in a range of patterns

Trend 6 Living Coral

Every year Pantone chooses a colour of the year, with last year’s winner being the dramatically provocative Uitra Violet. This year, the Pantone experts have gone for a warmer colour with the vibrant yet mellow Living Coral.

Trend 7 Acoustic Decorations

The great thing about acoustic decorations is the fact they tick the boxes for both style and practicality.

For open plan offices, where noise pollution is commonplace, acoustic decorations will be a smart addition.

Take a look at these:Suspended Display Feature , Acoustic Panels or Modern art

These futuristic office designs have a critical advantage: they make employees more engaged and productive. Because the environment has a huge impact on people, and these designs, create a comfortable environment in which people can work more comfortably, thus improving work efficiency, at the same time, we also launched a custom office furniture services, Welcome to come to choose: www.iweiss.ca

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