In addition to the general decoration style, the office environment is made up of various types of office furniture. Therefore, when choosing furniture, we must pay attention to the collocation of its colors, otherwise, it will not only make the furniture can not be integrated into the office environment, but also will damage the visual effects of the office. Therefore, here and we will talk about the color of the furniture with the problem, with a more ideal office environment.

1.The color scheme needs to match the space

Generally speaking if we take the color wheel and cut it in half , you will have the cool colors and the warm colors, cool colors generally more calming and serene while warm colors are going to be active energetic and dynamic, probably the most energetic of all color hues is yellow, yellow definitely encourages activity engagement and tends to promote positivity it’s also a pretty lively and pleasant color , red is another color in this category but its little more grounded and strong while yellow can have a playful energy, red is more about moving forward and progression, orange tends to be a nice middle ground between the two where, it still feels bold but has a fun loving energy to it , green is where we start to introduce a bit more calm and although it’s technically on the warmer side of things, it tends to promote a sense of balance, its also one of the most prominent colors found in natures so there is that level of serenity to which people tend to gravitate towards, When choosing furniture colors, the priority consideration is the overall tone of the office. If the overall tone of the office is warm, then the emphasis in the application of furniture colors is to give priority to plain and light colors, this will better coordinate the office tone. Conversely if the total color of the office is cold tonal, so the color of furniture should give priority to with dark tonal, accord with office environment thereby.

2.Color selection should blend into the space

Office environment is a whole, so in the choice of color should not be too single. For example, the decoration of the office is mainly light blue, so in the choice of furniture we should try our best to choose Orange, orange and other colors to match, so as to blend with the office environment, avoid out of place situations, such as using black furniture in a light blue office that will stand out and will not fit into the overall environment.

The main environment of the office is the cold color system, so it is natural to choose the cold color system of office furniture to match, at the same time in order to prevent the visual fatigue caused by a single tone, but also in order to achieve a rich change, therefore can choose the different tone of cold color department, such can realize contracted and not simple sense of space. Simple office furniture can also play a unique role in helping people improve their office enthusiasm and office comfort.

If the main office for the warm color, then should also choose warm color department office furniture, to carry on the different tone choice, needs to have the deeper and lighter different tone to change back and forth, realizes the gradual change of color, so that people can bring

To more rich office ring wall, more diverse office environment, to achieve the vision of the atmosphere to create, to avoid the visual fatigue of a single tone, so that the color system regional class penalty clearly defined, but the detailed tones need to change.

3.Colour schemes should take into account how the body feels

An office is a place for work, so the feeling of being in an office is extremely important. Here we need to take into account the human visual nerve for a variety of color perception. For example, in a black, gray-based office environment will give a person a more depressing feeling, but it seems very solemn. When matching the color of office furniture, we should take into account the nature of the company, the work content of employees, so as to better create a quality office environment.

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