The reception desk is one of the most important parts of the office. IT is the first piece of office furniture your clients will see when they enter your company. So a good reception desk can give your current

and potential clients a good impression which will benefit your business greatly.

How to decide the proper size of your reception desk? The following 3 tips are simple but effective suggestions for you.

  1. Get the measurements of the reception area first.

The size of the office reception desk should be determined according to the size of the actual space. If the space where the reception desk is located is wide, the size of the reception desk can be adapted to be larger, you can even arrange some sofa in the reception area. But if the space area of ​​the reception desk is too small, the size of the reception desk should not be too large. The reception desk can make the space appear congested and crowded.

2. Understand the sizes of some regular reception desks.

The size of the regular office reception desk is basically like this: the width is about 48″ to 78″. Sometimes it could be wide as 94″. And the depth is about 27″to 36″. And the height is usually more than the staff office desk.  The height is generally 40″, 42′ to 45″., but from the inside of the reception desk,  the height  is generally about 30″, which is close to the height of an ordinary desk, which is convenient for employees to work.

If you have more space in the reception area, you may want to customize a special size reception desk. And when you have the knowledge of the regular reception desks, it is easier for you to communicate with the designer.

3. Make sure that you leave enough space behind the reception desk.

Always remember to leave enough space behind the desk, which is approximately from 36″ to 60″. The receptionist should have enough room to turn and move behind the desk. Also, you need to think about the space of a storage cabinet or credenza cabinet behind the seat of the receptionist.

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