The height adjustable desk is completely to meet the technological evolution of modern people’s office needs. For example, this paragraph I typed while standing. Sitting for a long time will make you tired, and you can’t work without the computer, which means that if you can stand to work, you can meet the needs of both your body and your work.

So how can we find the ideal height adjustable desk?

  • Adjustment mode:

  • manual, electric and pneumatic. Using a hand crank to adjust the height of your desk is a pain; it sounds easy to spend a minute adjusting your desk, but if you switch between sitting positions several times a day, it adds up to a considerable amount of time. Many users will involuntarily reduce the number of switches they switch, or even gradually revert to their old habit: sitting all the time. As standing desks are becoming more popular and their prices are falling, it won’t cost much to use a pneumatic or electric desk. Electric adjustment is the most common way, the adjustment speed is generally 0.7~1.7 inches per second, the noise is generally between 40-70 decibels (whispering is about 30 decibels, normal conversation is about 60-65 decibels), high-quality motor The adjustment is smoother and more durable. If you need a very quiet environment, there are also Pneumatic Standing Desks, which require no power and no motor noise.
  • Weight capacity:

  • If you’re used to putting a lot of stuff on your desk, you need to consider how much weight the motor can handle – don’t forget the weight of the countertop itself when calculating! Some very cheap tables are designed to hold as little as 50 pounds, while a good table can hold two or three hundred pounds, or even four or five hundred pounds!
  • Programmability:

  • Power desks often have multiple memory settings, similar to those found in the front seats of many cars. If you share a desk with family members or colleagues, having 2-4 preset programs can save you time adjusting because you only need to push a button and the desk will adjust to the height that suits you.
  • Lifting height:

  • When you are standing and working, your desk should be slightly lower than your elbows so that you can type with your elbows at your sides, your upper arms and forearms at 90-100°, and you The monitor should be placed at eye level. Most desks are adjustable in height from 21-56 inches. When buying, pay attention to whether the table can be adjusted to the required height.
  • Desktop size:

  • For most standing desk users, the size of the desktop is an important consideration. This is part of the reason why many people choose to buy a frame and build their own desktop. The table top is big enough to hold everything you need to put on it, and is it big enough for your table space. Tabletops are usually made from several different materials, including particleboard, plastic, bamboo, carbonized bamboo, steel, 3D laminate, oak or walnut.
  • After-sale maintenance:

  • Different companies offer different warranties. 2 years minimum, some companies offer lifetime warranties on bases or frames, and limited-time warranties on tabletops or motors.
  • Shipping and Assembly: Some desks are not prefab and your desk may take up to 8 weeks to deliver! Keep an eye on how long it will take before buying, as many tables won’t be delivered within a few days. Shipping is free or $100 to $150. Others will give you a “white glove service” option that builds you a desk where you want to use it.
  • Special Features: Some tables offer trays to hold and hide wires, nets or keyboards to hold various items, etc.

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