Generally, in the office design and office furniture purchasing, we usually arrange the office partitions and screens  in the staff area. In addition to making full use of the space to arrange more people, it is also necessary to consider that the work between employees can cooperate with each other without too much interference. Therefore, the selection and layout of office partitions/screens are very important. So how to design the layout of office screens more reasonable? Today, we will briefly tell you about the 6 things you need to know.


In the design of the office, the office partitions and screens can improve the concentration of personal work, and the personal space should be free from interference as much as possible. According to the functional characteristics of the office, people should be able to easily look around when they are sitting upright, but not when they are at the desk. If you need more privacy at work, we recommend that you use the floor-standing type, but it takes up a lot of space and the price is higher.



When you have limited space, in the open office design, you can use a straight desktop screen desk, which has good space utilization, reasonable price, and a better sense of intimacy between colleagues. It is a popular model at present.


In the office design, the designer should fully consider the customer’s organizational structure, the number and functions of the department, and meet the particularity of the work of each department and the requirements for desktop space.


The office design should meet the needs of customer management culture, and choose between openness and privacy. Some companies emphasize communication and coordination, some companies emphasize trust authorization, and some emphasize independent work. We require the convenience of customer management.


should echo with the design structure and be organically combined. Reasonable and effective use of space to maximize the benefits of office space, according to local conditions, tailor-made.



The color selection and appearance of the office furniture design should be harmonized and  echo the characteristics of the enterprise. For example, for logistics or e-commerce, they like to choose simple and bright office furniture, independent office space, and adhering to the traditional design style.

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