In feng shui, a good environment can help people’s wealth, courage, wisdom, and have certain assistance, and then affect the direction of wealth. So how does office feng shui attract wealth?

The office is also the place where bosses make money, so all the feng shui in the office may affect their fortune, especially the layout and orientation of the office, which greatly affects the direction of the fortune. Where is the boss’s office seat facing, and the zodiac sign of the desk Which is the best orientation?

1. The location of the boss’s office

A room will be divided into different locations and areas because of the relationship of sitting; The operation and production are smooth; the subordinate employees can only be dignified and trusted by the management.

The items on the boss’s work table must be neatly arranged and kept clean, if any crumbs are suitable for placement in the drawer. Do not put dolls on the table, this will cause the villain to be recruited.

The shape of the boss’s office should not be an “L” shape, nor should an office with many pillars and corners, it is not easy to coordinate and communicate with employees and customers, and a circular office is not suitable.

2. The size of the boss’s office is very particular

The size of the boss’s office should account for about 1/4 or 1/5 of the company’s overall area. It is generally between 15 and 30 square meters, and it is best to set it on a higher floor.

The desk should not be too close to the corner. If you place the desk against the wall or against the corner, sitting in front of such a desk for a long time will make people feel more depressed, it will make a person’s hands and feet bound, and people’s thinking will start to slow down. Slow to become lazy. If the boss of a company is bound by his hands and feet and cannot let go of his hands and feet to do it boldly, it is undoubtedly very dangerous for the entire company.

3. Place the tables and chairs in the boss’s office correctly.

There are also strict requirements for the placement of the boss’s office chair. The back of the chair cannot be empty, and there must be a wall as a backing; the correct distance between the boss’s office chair and the wall should be about a foot away from the wall, so that the boss’s chair can be rotated left and right, back and forth, It can meet the requirements of doing things more than backwards and forwards.

The final seat of the executive office desk is placed with the back against the wall. This is a reliable position in the work feng shui, and it has a sense of security to rely on. However, the workers are very reassured, and the work is also relatively strong. . The back is against the wall, but it is not appropriate to have more leisure space on the opposite side, which will greatly increase the worker’s feeling of emptiness on the opposite side. They are suspicious, unsure, lacking in opinion and judgment at work, which has a great impact on work. of. Sometimes workers make mistakes frequently, not because of their talents, but because the location of the work table cannot make him feel strong.

No sharp objects can be placed on the boss’s desk, no sharp objects can be placed on the work table, the white tiger should be placed in a quiet position, and the objects should not be too high or too messy, such as: telephones, faxes, or infinite cabinets are not suitable for placement. In the direction of the White Tiger. The five elements of sharp objects belong to fire, and placing them in this way will lead to a lot of verbal disputes and poor interpersonal communication.

4. The door of the office cannot be opened from behind.

The direction of opening the door cannot be on the wall behind the boss. This will easily cause the company’s subordinates to make trouble secretly, but they cannot be aware of it, which will bring unexpected disasters to the company. It is not a good way to open the door directly to the boss desk. The most standard way to open the door is to open the door on the right front of the boss desk. This is the most feng shui principle for office bosses to open the door.

The boss’s executive office desk should not face the water outlet, should not be placed near the sink, and should not be next to the water room of the office building. In terms of feng shui, if the boss’s desk is placed near the water room, it will easily lead to the outflow of wealth. Moreover, the vicinity of the water room is relatively dark and humid, and it is relatively noisy and crowded. Placing the boss’s desk in these places will also affect the boss’s usual work and rest.

The route to the boss’s room should also be smooth. Although most of the boss’s rooms are at the back, the route from the gate to the room should not be curved, obstructed by debris, or deep in winding paths. In this way, it is not easy for wealth to enter the room, but it will make business development difficult.

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