Nowadays, telecommuting is becoming more and more popular, and many workers can also work at home. Therefore, the design concept of Home Office is put forward in home decoration. This is an overall concept that integrates interior decoration, office furniture, home space utilization and home office equipment. Combining cleverly, the computer using the Internet creates a comfortable home office that conforms to personal habits. So how should we arrange the home office space to create an efficient, practical and beautiful home office environment? Let’s take a look at the layout skills of home office space!

Tip 1: Use Home Office Furniture Cleverly

Home office furniture is generally more flexible, strong in combination, and more complete in function. We can move it freely and adjust the height, which is convenient for people to study and work. Although ordinary furniture is also movable, it is generally not flexible, and it is not convenient to place office supplies. So to build a home office, you must first buy home office furniture.

The main furniture has chairs (height-adjustable office chairs are required), workbenches (reasonable size, easy to retrieve, place computer, mouse, keyboard folders, and should be within reach of both hands, generally people-centered, with a radius of about 75cm ), a desk (the corners should be beautiful, sleek, and safe), and a locker, preferably a bookcase type, prepare some folders, and separate frequently used and infrequently used documents. File office documents with a organizer.

Tip 2: Design a concise thinking area

If your home office requirements are just for refresher or simple paperwork, a regular desk and work chair will suffice. If your living room is large enough, you can set up an office area by the window, and use glass half partition or full partition to separate the quiet office area, which can not only enjoy the charming scenery outside the window, but also trigger many of your creations. inspiration. 

Tip 3: Use folding corner cabinets to create a corner office area

For small-sized homes, there is generally not enough space in the home to arrange a specific office. At this time, the folding corner cabinet provides very convenient conditions for creating a small home office area. Choose a corner and place a simple folding corner cabinet. . In this small space, it can be used for office work, storage, and the desk can be neatly folded when not in use, turning it into a cabinet that does not take up much space or a countertop for temporarily placing items, keeping the indoor environment clean and tidy.


Tip 4: Share with other spaces

As long as you plan and arrange carefully, a small living room, dining room, or even a bedroom can function as an office. As long as you make reasonable use of space, master layout skills, and choose appropriate office desks and chairs, not only will the room not be cluttered, but Also got a “home office”. A more practical method is to set the workspace in the corner so that it is not too obtrusive. An L-shaped table is most suitable and can expand the available space. And systematic storage components are also very important, which can include many messy and trivial items and avoid the environment from becoming cluttered.


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