Office furniture is like other items, in addition to daily use, maintenance and cleaning are also essential links. The second-hand office furniture products with excellent quality, on the one hand, in addition to their own materials, craftsmanship, and proper use, regular cleaning and maintenance are also one of the reasons. Today, I will talk to you about how to clean and maintain second-hand office furniture products such as second-hand office chairs and second-hand desks.


1.  the cleaning and maintenance of second-hand office chairs

The structure of a general office chair mainly includes a backrest, a seat cushion, an armrest, a base, an air bar, a chair foot and a chair wheel. Due to different structures and materials used, the maintenance and cleaning methods are also different.

  1. Common cleaning and maintenance methods for cloth office chairs: when it is stained with dry dirt such as dust, sand, etc., just pat it off or vacuum it up. If it gets on drinks, juice, etc., you can wipe your hands first. Use a paper towel to absorb water, then wipe it with a neutral detergent dissolved in warm water, and finally dry it with a clean soft cloth and dry it at low temperature.
  2. Common cleaning and maintenance methods for leather office chairs: Generally, you only need to use a clean and soft cloth to gently wipe it. If the dirt is generated for a long time, the best cleaning method is to use a neutral detergent diluted with warm water (1﹪~ 3﹪) Wipe first, then wipe off the cleaning liquid with a wrung water rag, and finally wipe it with a dry cloth. After it is completely dry, use an appropriate amount of leather conditioner to wipe it evenly.
  3. Common cleaning and maintenance methods for metal accessories: it is best to regularly scrub with oil cloth and mild detergent. If rust spots appear, they should be repaired and painted in time, and wet rags should be avoided when wiping the surface.
  4. Common cleaning and maintenance methods for casters: Because of rolling on the ground, the wheel axle is easily stained with dander and fibers for a long time, so it needs to be treated regularly, and anti-static spray can be used to protect the wheel to ensure smooth sliding.
  5. Common cleaning and maintenance methods for chassis tilting: if there is abnormal noise, WD-40 lubricant can be used to spray the axis contacts and springs.

2.  the cleaning and maintenance of second-hand desks

  1. The ground on which the desk is placed must be kept flat, especially for second-hand desks. The four legs should be balanced on the ground. If the furniture is often in a state of swaying and unstable, the tenons or fasteners will inevitably fall off over time. Partial cracking and thus the life of the furniture.
  2. When cleaning the desk, avoid using wet rags and dry rags to wipe the surface of panel furniture, because wet rags are easy to leave water stains, and dry rags will scratch the surface. For desks treated with paint, it is forbidden to use gasoline or acid-alkaline liquids, soapy water, detergents and other cleaning products. They are corrosive to a certain extent and will damage the surface of the furniture and make the lacquer of the furniture dull.
  3. In order to ensure that the surface of the desk is as bright as new for a long time, long-term exposure to the sun should be avoided. If the office furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may cause fading, cracking, peeling and other phenomena, and the metal parts may also be oxidized and deteriorated. If it loses its luster, it can be blocked by curtains or blinds if it cannot be moved due to space constraints.
  4. The desk should avoid hard objects, sharp objects colliding or scratching the office furniture. If the scratches or scratches are large, the paint of the same color can be used to make up the color; if there is only a small scratch, apply wax of the same color to the scratch. If the edge is lifted and peeled off, you can put a thin cloth on it, and press the sticker with an iron to restore the original appearance.

3.  the cleaning and maintenance of second-hand filing cabinets

File cabinets can be divided into three types according to their materials: First, iron filing cabinets. Second, steel filing cabinets. Third, wooden filing cabinets. Among them, tin cabinets are the most popular office cabinets.

  1. The filing cabinet should avoid being scratched by sharp objects, and do not collide with gravity. If the collision damages the surface, it should be remedied with paint of the same color to prevent oxidation from contact with air for a long time; when we are not careful When water is spilled on the filing cabinet, it should be wiped dry with a cloth or napkin in time.
  2. When cleaning the steel filing cabinet, do not rub it hard with a steel ball, which will cause scratches on the surface of the filing cabinet; you should soak it in water with a cotton towel or cotton, wring it dry and wipe it gently with detergent, and then use it again. Wipe it with a clean towel; if you encounter stubborn stains, you can use toothpaste, white vinegar, etc. to wipe, and finally wash it with water.


4. the cleaning and maintenance of second-hand sofa

  1. Cleaning and maintenance methods for fabric sofas: Detachable fabric sofas can be removed and washed with a washing machine. Non-removable fabric sofas can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If they are accidentally stained with juice or other stains that are not easy to clean, you can use Special cleaning agent for local cleaning.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance method of leather sofa: If the surface of the leather sofa is stained with dust, just wipe the surface with a clean towel and wipe off the dust. After using the sofa for a long time, there will be a feeling of blackness on the surface. You can wipe the sofa twice with a clean and soft towel dipped in water. When it is fast drying, apply a leather polish evenly on the surface of the sofa leather to make the sofa surface bright as new.
  3. Cleaning and maintenance methods for wooden sofas: Wooden sofas can neither be too dry nor too wet. If they are in an environment that is too wet or too dry for a long time, it is easy to cause deformation and rot. Wooden sofas are prone to moths. It is recommended to use special glazing wax for regular maintenance of the sofa.


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