Nowadays, many people have the need to work and study from home. However, independent offices are too extravagant for small households. How to design a home office area? In fact, it only takes 5 simple steps to create an efficient and comfortable home office area in minutes. There is no need to worry about working from home. Here are some tips for working from home, hoping to help you.

Dedicated corner

Working from home requires a long time to concentrate on work. It is best to choose a quiet corner to work more efficiently. Of course, lighting is also very important, and having sufficient natural light is the best.


Stay away from sofas and beds

Many people feel that working from home is not efficient, mainly because they are too indulgent. Therefore, it is recommended that the location of the office area must be far away from the sofa and bed, otherwise, your office time may not have as much time for rest.

Adequate lighting to protect eyesight

Many people need to work overtime at night, so the lighting design of the office area is also very important. Use warm light sources as much as possible to improve work efficiency and create a warm atmosphere. Generally speaking, the color temperature of table lamps should be controlled at 3300-5000K.

Storage is practical

The storage in the office area adheres to the principle of practicality. Wall storage (clapboard, perforated board) can be combined with integrated cabinets and drawers to classify all office supplies one by one to keep the countertop clean.

Layout according to local conditions

Wall-mounted design: If the area of ​​the home is really small, you can design a wall-mounted desk, which only takes up the wall space and can be directly put away when not in use, which is very convenient

Integrated design

The integrated design of the desk board and the storage cabinet is simple and practical, which is also a very common home office layout

Embedded design

The layout of the office area should be adapted to local conditions. As shown in the figure, you can use the position of the concave wall to adopt the embedded design to save space and be beautiful.

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