The office desk is an essential piece of office furniture in an office. And it is important for us to do some planning before we purchase the right office desks.

The following are some basic considerations on how to determine the proper office desk size.

  1. Get the dimensions of the office space.

When placing desks, the width of the aisle should be kept from 20 inches to 35 inches.

If it is a public aisle, leave enough width for two people to walk side by side. So the width of the aisle should be 48” to 60”.

Also, you need to consider to give enough room behind the desk and in front of the desk.

So it is important to get the detailed dimensions before deciding the sizes of the office desks.


2. Understand the regular size of the office desks.

The height of the desk is generally about  30”( 750 mm). The general desktop size of office desks are like the following:

Small size: 48″ *24″

Medium size: 60″ *30′ or 60″ * 24″

Big size: 71″*36′ or 63″ * 32″

L shape executive desk: 71″ *71″ or 78″*78″

If you want to choose some regular sizes, the above can give you some reference. Another option is to customize the size you need, but usually it will  take much longer order lead time.

3. Consider the actual needs of users

If you buy a desk for sales people who don’t need a lot of desk space, you may choose a relative small desk. But for IT engineers, they work long hours by the computer and they will need deeper desks. And for accounting departments or lawyers, enough storage space is key for them so when you purchase desks for them you should take that into account.

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