There are many kinds of wood for solid wood furniture, the species suitable for furniture and decoration are Fraxinus mandshurica, oak (white oak, red oak) , rubber, pine, beech, walnut, teak, fir, camphor, elm, Phoebe, cherry and maple, etc. , which kind of lumber is solid wood furniture good? Today, Weiss office furniture to introduce several common wood, wood different furniture prices, service life, decorative effect of the difference is very big, so to accurately recognize wood species, buy suitable solid wood furniture, know some of the performance characteristics of common wood is very necessary.

1.Pinematerial of office furniture

Now everyone is very concerned about environmental protection, solid wood furniture boarded the main stage, which pine furniture accounted for a large proportion, common pine furniture has two kinds, the first is Finnish pine furniture, the second is New Zealand pine furniture. Finnish pine, also known as “Northern European red pine”, is the artificial forest in Finland. Finland pine growth in the cold zone, the growth cycle is relatively slow. But the wood is stable, with physical pressure, shear, nail grip strong characteristics, furniture texture is obvious, fine texture beautiful, is the best-selling use of wood, mostly used in children and youth furniture. New Zealand pine native to California, because of the good living conditions of the island country, make it one of the representatives of New Zealand. Characterized by pale yellow color, texture straight, easy to dry, small deformation, viscosity is very strong. Suitable for making furniture and all kinds of wood.

2.Ash tree

Fraxinus mandshurica is harder and harder to wear than pine, more affordable than mahogany, beautiful and clear texture, corrosion resistance, water resistance, easy processing, toughness, good coloring performance, so it is one of the best decorative performance. Fraxinus brush oil after the yellow color, a few years before the decoration is often selected, so we think Fraxinus not high-grade, more vulgar. When used as a solid wood material, Fraxinus mandshurica can be bleached to make it lighter, or it can be cleaned to make the wood texture black or white to show its modern feel.


Oak is produced mainly in Europe and North America, and in large quantities in Russia and the United States. It is also a popular wood for upholstery and furniture making. Oak is characterized by heavy hard texture straight, thick structure, beautiful color and elegant texture, has a good mechanical strength, wear-resistant, but not easy to dry sawing and cutting. The oak grade is higher, suit to make European style furniture and Chinese style classical furniture, give the person with mahogany furniture demure steady feeling, but the price is lower than mahogany furniture. In addition, because of fine oak, tube hole has a lot of filler, not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Europe and the United States often used to make wine barrels to store red wine.

4.Camphor Wood

Cinnamomum camphora is one of the rare and precious traditional timber in China. Its growth period is very slow, and it usually takes more than 20 years to grow. Cinnamomum camphora is rich in fragrance. The furniture made of it has the functions of insect-proof, moth-proof, mould-proof and sterilization. The patterns of Cinnamomum camphora are exquisite, the texture is fine, the wood is dense and tough, and the water content is low, is a rare load-bearing grade of wood and furniture-making materials. Therefore, because of its precious raw materials and its own characteristics, many art lovers and nature lovers will be its collection. But although fragrant camphor wood smell fragrant, long-term contact will have dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, in addition if pregnant women with long-term contact, easy abortion; Babies and young children often smell camphor wood smell, will also feel uncomfortable.

5.Elm Wood

Elm and southern beech “North Elm South,” said, and broad timber, fine texture temperature, deformation rate is small, mainly rough carving decoration. With the pattern of chicken wing wood, is one of the main domestic wood. Elm because of natural grain appearance, texture hard, texture straight and rough. Through the ages, elm furniture not only represents a tradition, but also a culture, a taste, a style. So Elm furniture is also more and more appreciated by people and collection. Because the density of elm furniture is low, the range of dry shrinkage and wet expansion is relatively large. Most of the furniture nowadays is not painted, only hot wax, so it is relatively easy to deform, so the temperature is kept at 20 ~ 30 °C, humidity control in 40% ~ 50% . Avoid prolonged exposure and weight bearing. Under normal circumstances, wax every quarter.

6.Beech Wood

Zelkova is a common species in ancient Jiangnan area. It is also known as “hovenia” or “Ilex tree”. It originated in the south of China. Beech furniture is hard and impact resistant. Easy to bend under steam, able to make a variety of shapes, but in the dry deformation is not easy, durable. There is a beautiful texture, tonal downy, smooth. It is suitable for building and appliance materials. Processing, finishing, gluing good. But because in the kiln drying and processing easy to crack, easy to deformation. So it’s not easy to make a complete set of furniture.


Walnut Wood is often known as Walnut, is the world-famous interior decoration of precious wood, is one of the three rare tree species in the northeast. High-end european-style furniture more than these kinds of wood, widely used in the production of high-grade furniture, cabinets, crafts and sculpture. In China, however, walnut is a less prized wood. The hardness of walnut is medium to heavy, fiber structure is fine and uniform, toughness is strong, especially in anti-vibration, anti-wear performance is good, anti-bending, corrosion resistance is good. Walnut furniture is basically unique to Shanxi furniture, although other areas have been found, but not as much as Shanxi and good quality.


Mahogany furniture refers to the furniture made of acid branches, rosewood and other classical mahogany. At the beginning, it has little to do with a certain tree species. It is a general term for rare and precious furniture since the Ming and Qing dynasties, they appear yellowish red or purplish red to varying degrees. The characteristic of annatto furniture is color is darker, the style that reflects gu se is sweet, be used at traditional furniture more. Woodiness is heavier, give a person feeling quality is good, general wood itself has the aroma that gives out oneself, especially red sandalwood. Hard material, high strength, wear resistance, good durability. Red Sandalwood is one of the rare treasures of the “King of wood,” said is a hundred years to grow an inch of hardwood, non-hundreds of years can not be made of wood, in addition to a low production rate, is to have “inch sandalwood inch gold” said.

9.Chinese fir

Cunninghamia lanceolata is probably the cheapest wood species. In China, it is a special fast-growing commercial timber tree species with fast growth, good wood quality, straight wood texture, uniform structure, light and tough material, moderate strength, fragrant Chinese fir, and “Chinese fir brain” in wood, it has anti-insect and anti-rot effect and is easy to be processed. Cunninghamia lanceolata belongs to softwood, it has two disadvantages, one is that Cunninghamia lanceolata is a fast-growing wood, its timber period is 4-6 years, its growth is fast, its wood fiber is loose, and it contains more moisture, and its surface is soft and hard, so the action of external forces is easy to cause scratches, the second is more scarring, each small distance will have a section of scarring. So fir is rarely used to make furniture, but to make pulp, blockboard, density board, particleboard, keel, or made into a finger-joint board used to make furniture in the baffle.

Above introduced so much solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture which kind of wood good? Each kind of wood has its own merits and demerits. Our Weiss furniture use the best wood according to the properties of the products, so that each kind of wood can play the biggest role in furniture making, this allows our furniture to last longer, more office furniture type you can visit our website:


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