How to clean the office chairs , many workers are more concerned about , if you use the office chairs for a long time, you need to clean, although there are cleaning staff, but still have to maintain their own, which office chair cleaning technology? For different materials of the office chair, the cleaning method is naturally different, if you have this problem, today Weiss Office furniture to bring you different materials of the office chair cleaning skills.

1.PU office chair cleaning

Pu material is a synthetic imitation leather material, this material compared to the leather appearance is beautiful and more easy to care, the armrest parts of the seat using Pu material, in the cleaning process, general use wet towel gently wipe, you can remove most of the stains. If necessary, you can use leather cleaner, or leather brightener, can make pu material more shiny durable.

2.Real leather type office chair cleaning

Because the leather is not very breathable, the back easily perspires when used in summer, the leather office chair that has just been bought at home should be coated with a layer of protective film with maintenance wax to prevent sweat and dirt from soaking into the leather office chair surface, and corrode the material.

Pay special attention to a point, do not use water to scrub, do so for a long time, easy to lead to hard leather, feel not just buy so soft.

Need to pay attention to maintenance time, generally monthly cycle, for the summer easy to perspire time, can be done once a week maintenance, in order to prevent sweat damage to the body.

3. Net office chair cleaning

These ergonomic office chairs have long been popular, but their open-plan construction turns them into dust magnets. Use a vacuum cleaner at least once a week to keep the netted chair breathing comfortable.

Most of these types of chairs can be washed with warm water and neutral detergent. Use a soft brush, but be careful not to scrub or break the mesh. Clean stubborn dirt with a cleaning solution and cover with a damp cloth for 30 minutes.

4.Fabric office chair cleaning

Fabric office chair is easier to clean, clean gently with detergent directly, you can also use warm water + detergent to wipe, but avoid using a brush to wipe. If you use a brush to wipe, easy to damage the cloth surface, resulting in pilling, over time, cloth surface office chair will get up very old

5. Solid wood office chaircleaning

Use a dry cloth to wipe directly and gently. You can use a little cleaner, but don’t wipe it with a damp cloth that has been wiped off the table. Don’t expose it to the sun after wiping it, or it will cause the wood to rot, reduce the use time. When using, if there is a stain, directly clean, do not wait for weeks, then use clean, this will increase the difficulty of cleaning

6. Plastic office chairscleaning

Plastic chair with strong static electricity, easy to absorb dust, and dirt, use for a period of time, can be used to wash soda. Essence, you can wash clean, or with detergent, or your point with cleaning cream, the cleaning effect is good.

7. Vinyl office chairscleaning

Vinyl chair coverings can be sticky, so they can be maintained regularly for comfort. These are easy to clean office chairs because they don’t absorb spills like traditional upholstery fabrics.

Clean vinyl chairs with liquid soap and warm water. Rinse clean, dry, and pay attention to creases and seams. If you manage or own a health care facility, use appropriate technology when cleaning vinyl upholstery.

The above is about the content of office chair cleaning skills, no matter what kind of material, must be cleaned regularly, otherwise it is easy to accumulate dust, will also damage health. If you don’t have the time, go ahead and back a few days, but be sure not to forget, or it will provide a breeding ground for bacteria. For more tips you can follow us Weiss office furniture  :


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