At present the custom service of office furniture has become popular during this year, many enterprises in the layout of the office when they will choose office furniture factory directly custom office furniture, in order to more in line with the nature and image of the company. So public furniture custom-made need to consider what basic function?

In order to better meet the office needs of customers, the office furniture factory needs to go to the door to measure the specific size and understand the nature of the enterprise and customer office needs, according to the different functional problems of different office areas, a set of office space solutions, designed more in line with the customer’s office furniture. Today our Weiss office furniture will give you some ideas when you choose customized office furniture.

1.Size, Style , Customer Requirements

The first requirement of desk customization is to meet the requirements of office space, Weiss office furniture manufacturers will be customized before the above ruler, understand the number of enterprises and needs, customize the right sized desk according to the space area, giving a reasonable overall solution.

Desk customization must be in line with the office decor, which varies from company to company, so desk customization can be tailored to fit in, make the whole office space look more harmonious.

Customize your desk to fit your personal needs. Custom desks can be designed to fit your personal needs. Many furniture stores don’t have the same features, such as retractable, fordable or smart office furniture, Weiss Office furniture manufacturers can be based on demand and design, the use of more comfortable.


Desks are made of a wide variety of materials, including solid wood, composite and panel desks, below the European Weiss office furniture to take you together to understand the simple three materials of the desk;

2.1 All wood desk

Made of solid wood, according to the price of wood to be divided into different levels of price, but generally pure solid wood desk are more expensive. Pure solid wood office furniture is very suitable for the boss like sedate use. High-grade atmosphere on the grade, but also very obvious identity and taste. And the desk of pure solid wood will be used longer than other materials, and a lot of wood is a collection and appreciation value, is more suitable for the collection of the boss to use.

2.2 Solid wood composite desk

We generally said that the paint desk and veneer, mainly artificial processing out of wood-based panels, surface pressure paste natural veneer, generally in 20-60 s thick, grain color, such as wood grain, cloth grain, etc. . The general wood veneer board is MDF as the base material, positive and negative surface pressure stick natural wood, and then in the wood surface spray multilayer. Paint. The plate of paint board kind, modelling is much, can make irregular shape such as camber. A lot of offices that like modern style and multi-style like to use this kind of desk. It’s not as good as solid wood, but it’s cheaper than a solid wood desk.

2.3 Slab Desk

Is our most common office desk, is composed of wood-based panels, assembly, panel side edge. Plate type desk is more commonly used, modelling is fashionable and much, and the price is opposite above two kinds of material, want cheap a lot of. The type that employee uses is board type commonly, but also have a lot of board type to do especially good, the boss that likes modern style also can choose board type desk.

The above is about the office desk custom-made related Knowledge Guide, Weiss Office Furniture Factory provides one-stop service, strictly controls the product quality, from the design, production, installation, after-sales is a closed loop, by designing its materials, color matching and specifications, and selecting environmentally-friendly and healthy materials, we can provide consumers with more professional and guaranteed products that can be truly used by enterprises and better serve their employees, in order to increase efficiency.

3.Fits your budget

Select according to the purchasing budget. Every company purchase office furniture, have a fixed budget, according to the budget choice is relatively simple and easy. The board of office furniture and brand decided price, when buying try not to exceed budget range.

There are still many matters needing attention in the customization of office furniture. When customizing, enterprise personnel must know the size of their office space, the number of staff, the style of decoration, etc. , these factors are taken into account in order to customize the right office furniture.

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